Photo Day

We welcomed Tirtza, Yossi’s sister for her first day at Ohana. For her first day, it was a really busy morning. It was Photo Day and we were so happy to see that almost all of our friends were able to come to school today, even if it was just for the photos. For those friends of ours who were not able to attend today, there is the Photo Make-up Day on Friday 26th April. IMG_1850Unfortunately we will not be able to have class photos that day! Even our teachers had their photos today and we look forward to seeing what they all look like. In fact while we were having our photos taken, we could see ourselves on a screen. Some of our little friends were overwhelmed by it all and they just sat and looked at the camera without showing happy or sad faces. Many of us dressed in really special clothes for our photos and when we all sat together for the class photo, we were all wearing our Ohana T-shirts in red or green. Soon we will be wearing our T-shirts and we will put our smocks away for when it is cold again in winter time. In preparation for our class photo with the professional photographers, we had our own fun photo taken with our school T-shirts on. We were so happy to see Jamie after such a long time and he brought his dad and his brother, Cameron with him. We are sad IMG_1853that he is leaving and are looking forward to saying our proper goodbyes to him tomorrow just before he and his family return to England. Today some of us came to the table to use the art clay together with the small plastic sea creatures, as we had not done this activity yet. We pressed the sea creatures into the clay and when we took them out, we saw their shape and all the detailed patterns were imprinted into the clay. We reviewed the letters that we learnt earlier in the year from Jolly Phonics Book 1 and part of Book 2. Today we were introduced to the letter “m” and the IMG_1854sound that it makes. We copied the shape of the letter on white boards and we also drew the shape of the letter in the air. We thought of many words that start with an “m” e.g. milk, Mickey Mouse, monkey, moon, motorbike, my, mommy, morning, mango and many more. Our story today was called “Over in the Ocean”. Downstairs, we were all at school for our class photo and all of our teachers were with us too. We had many things to do at the activity tables today as we knew that we would be busy waiting for our turn to have our photo taken. At the one table we had sorting dishes in orange, red, blue, yellow, green and purple. We also had a selection of dinosaurs in the same colours as well as farm animals in the same colours. We like playing the animals and because they were right next to the play dough, some of us included them in our play with it. We had rollers and different shaped cookie cutters to use with the play dough. At the second activity table, we had a large selection of puzzles. Some of us are becoming really skilled at doing puzzles, so our teachers take more and more OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdifficult ones out, in order to keep us challenged. The puzzles that we have been doing have no borders so we have to work out the shape by matching the pieces by ourselves. Our teachers are amazed that we are only two and a half and three and a half years old, and we can do these all by ourselves. The one puzzle is a lion and the other one is a monkey. We are still preparing for Zachary’s party which we mentioned before and while we were planning on doing some more hearts today, the busyness of “Photo Day” took some time out of our day, so we will work on them OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAon Thursday. We started reading the story “What’s there in the tree?” and it was getting late, so we stopped reading it and will continue the story tomorrow. Our story is like a work in progress, just like our art work. We pasted our butterfly paintings into our portfolios and do some painting tomorrow for our Friendship Tree. This is going to be a special tree that we will make as a group project. We know that trees start off as little seeds, just like flowers, fruit and vegetables and us too. Those things grow out of the soil however we grow inside our mums. The tree is kept straight if its roots are strong and healthy underneath the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAground. We grow big and strong if we eat healthy food, get enough rest and exercise. We will see if our tree can last all the way till the end of this school year; as long as we nurture and take care of it as well as our friends.Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.