Fitness Friday

Today is Friday, the last day of our week at school. Downstairs we learnt from Pinky our dragon puppet from Colombia, South America, that there are seven days in a week. We come to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and on Saturday and Sunday we spend time with our family and friends. Saturday and Sunday are called the weekend. Pinky is a cute pink dragon and he comes to teach us different things each day. He doesn’t like us to make too much noise so we always have to close our eyes and hide when he arrives.

When we sang our “Hello” song, he sang his name as well. We also sang “Let’s clap our hands together and say …………………. to our friends”. When we sing this song we sing “good morning” in many different languages. Today we sang in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, German, Hebrew and Afrikaans. We love playing games and singing while holding hands in a circle. We especially love jumping and laugh and make a big noise when we do this. Today we did drawing at the activity table using markers and wax crayons; we played with our lovely soft yellow play dough rolling it into pancakes and then using the cookie cutters to make shapes; we did puzzles and put empty marker lids into our coloured cups. We listened to the story about the very hungry caterpillar and counted the number of fruits that he ate every day of the week.

  We had our first “Kidfit” gymnastics lesson today. We were really lucky because Jet our teacher, taught us all about listening and looking today. We have been learning about the different parts of our body in class and know that our ears are for listening and our eyes are for looking. We used some fun equipment in our lesson and had so much fun. We used two yellow hollow sticks and tapped them onto a noodle just like the ones you can swim with; we used golf clubs and balls and we used our bodies in many different ways. We had to roll the sticks, hit them noodle, raise them in the air and tap them together. We did body stretches trying to balance on one hand; we even tried to balance on one leg with our hands above our heads pointing to the sky. Jet taught us that we have three different parts to our ears viz. the outer, middle and inner ear; and we don’t have to do anything to take care of our ears but………….we do need to take care of our bodies. The way that we can do this is by eating healthy food, doing exercise and getting enough sleep. We always have enough sleep! We think that our mums and dads don’t get enough sleep some nights! We have so many beautiful photos that were taken today but don’t have enough space here to put them.

Upstairs we are developing our skills each day. Our teachers are encouraging us to do as many things as possible independently. When our friends from downstairs go to Kidfit we come down to their classroom for snack and other activities. Today we came downstairs for snack time after the park still wearing our T-shirts. Our task was then to try to take our T-shirts off by all by ourselves. There are some parts where we seem to get stuck and need a little bit of help. We were all able to achieve success with this task and felt really proud.

We are still focusing on our hands and what we are able to do with them. Today we learnt that hands are for washing with; taking a bath; playing a guitar; picking things up and putting on pyjamas; all these things were from the “Hands, hands, fingers, thumb” book by Dr. Seuss. We also said that hands are for writing; painting; poking the clay; cutting; sticking things; scratching your head; holding things and pressing down hard. We hummed our good morning song this morning and started to learn our poem about our hands. When we say the words we try to do actions at the same time. Outside we had a fantastic activity using the cones. We hopped in between them and ran in between them. It is tricky to run in between the cones and Margo and Noa were extremely competent at it. They also tried to jump right over them. Have a great weekend everyone!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Christine, Sabine and Ayaka.