Face painting on safari

We forgot to sing Happy Birthday to America and to wish Rachel a “happy 4th of July”. We hope that all of our friends who celebrate this event will have a great day and night. We were so busy with our “Animals on Safari” face painting that we didn’t think of anything else, and we had a great time. When we arrived at school we saw our teachers but they sort of looked like our teachers and then they didn’t really look like our teachers. One of them was a cheetah, one of them was a zebra and one of them was a deer. They had different colours on their faces and they really looked cool. It took some of us a little while to get used to them looking like this and soon most of us wanted either some painting on our faces our on our hands.

Tokutaro came into the classroom and straight away he sat down to be made into a cat. This was his request; so we made him into a large cat called a tiger. Then Tomo kun also sat down and he became another tiger. Both of them kept on running to the mirror to see what they looked like. Lily too joined in once she had part of her monkey disguise. Jenny eventually selected green and white around her eyes so she became a crocodile or a frog; Beckett had a crocodile on his hand. He became really sad when we washed our hands for snack time and the crocodile disappeared. The special crayons that we used to do are exactly like lipstick. You draw on people’s faces because they are called “face paint’. After snack time, Kana drew another crocodile for him. When we went to the park, we still had our face paint on so some of the people were looking at us with an interesting expression on their faces. By the time we left the park, we had been sweating so much, a lot of the face paint had come off. We are so grateful that our teachers out sun cream on our skin and they also bring all of our bottles with to the park, so that we can rehydrate whenever we need to.

During our morning circle we sang our “hello” song and we read a story called “Hid Clyde”. It is about a chameleon that hides himself by changing his colour wherever he goes. This is called camouflage. It is a big word we know but our teachers believe that one day we will remember it having heard it at school when we were really small. Research says that if children hear big words when they are little, their reading skills from Grade 4 onwards get a real boost!

We danced to our favourite music “The Monkey Dance” and had a great time looking like tigers and roaring like them too. We went through all of our favourite songs on the CD like “Hot Potato”; “Shake your sillies out”; “Butterfly”; “Veil” and then sat down for “Where is Thumbkin”. We have learnt some new animal songs too but we don’t remember the words from them yet.

Tomo completed making his 3D elephant and so did Beckett. They chose tusks, a trunk, a mouth and eyes as well as a tail. Their elephants have really big ears.

In this picture you can see elephants, tigers, a cheetah and a giraffe. We have a lion waiting to be completed and a zebra. Clodia has a lion and Shoko has a zebra. We have had so much fun with this theme so far and look forward to another fun surprise tomorrow when we arrive at school.

With love from Shelley, Kana, and Rachel