The final countdown - Happy birthday Yossi

It was a rainy day today and all throughout the day, we had rain and then sunshine and then clouds and then rain. The weather couldn’t make up its mind what to do! We had a great time with our friends and teachers inside our classrooms and are almost ready for the little “concert” tomorrow. Downstairs we played on the mat and during the morning our teachers took some of the furniture out of the room to make more space for us for tomorrow. We then sat in the places that we are going to sit tomorrow and our teachers saw how much we had grown and how competent we are at listening and singing. We have not rehearsed for tomorrow at all as we will be singing our favourite songs which we have sung consistently throughout the year. We know them very well and Shelley also says, that no matter how much we sing and practice, what we do tomorrow is unpredictable! She trusts that we will sing and have a great time together with our teachers, friends and parents. She believes in us which makes us want to sing and do well. Yossi celebrated his fourth birthday today so we had a party with his mum on the third floor. We were all together for the celebration and sang songs before we went to the table and had delicious snacks that most of us have never tasted before. We started off by singing “Yossi is three years old today” because he is still three. He will be four later in the month when it is his actual birthday. We then counted three in English, Japanese and Hebrew. We asked Yossi “How old are you now” and we helped him sing “I’m three years old now”. He knows that he is going to be four. He was so excited when Oliver put the crown on his head; his

face had the hugest smile on it, and he was wriggling on his chair! We also stood up and sang “When you’re happy and you know it” and we all love shouting “happy birthday”. Then Eva presented him with his gift which he and his mum loved. They will read all of our wishes at home. Yossi invited all of his friends to come to the table and feast on all the yummy treats his mom brought all the way from Israel. Shelley remembered eating them when she was a little girl in South Africa. We all ate so much so if you find left overs in our lunch boxes, this is because we were still too full from snack time. We snacked and snacked and snacked……. We want to say a big thank you to Yossi and his mum, Chana for the lovely feast and time that we had together today. Todah rabah!

Upstairs we read the book “There’s a hippo on my roof eating cake”. We played a game with some soft toy lions. We all held the lion in one hand and tried to throw it and catch it in our other hand. Then we swam on our backs; cycled on our backs with our feet in the air; jumped; slept; touched our toes and did many other actions. We played another fun game called “Bubble wrap explosion”. We had a large piece of bubble wrap on the floor and we jumped on it and heard the bubbles bursting. We spoke about what we want to be when we grow up. Some of us were not sure and some of us just guessed. We made a display for the board with our hopes and desires for the future. We want to remind our family members who will be attending the “show” tomorrow to please be on time. School starts and finishes as per normal hours so we come to school early. We need the party downstairs to start on time so that some of our mums can go upstairs and see our siblings “do their thing”.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Kana, Goh, Miyuki, Rachel and Ayaka