A funny day at Ohana

Oh it was upside Friday today. Our teachers think that many of us got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning. We all just wanted to do what we wanted to do…..that is, most of us on the second floor! Our teachers were so tired by the end of the day. We really gave them a “run for their money”. When they wanted us to put our shoes on, we wanted to take them off; when we wanted to have snack time, it was park time; this was the pattern of our day. In the end our teachers just had to laugh and of course they always give us hugs and cuddles, no matter what we do. We will try to get out of the right side of the bed on Monday. This picture was taken yesterday at the end of the day. These are three of our friends from Ohana and we think that they all look so beautiful here. Our KIDFIT lesson was fun. It was all about keeping ourselves safe wherever we go. We tried to balance on the edges of the large hoops. We did some things together with a partner while using the hoops. We lifted the hoop into the air and then put it down on the ground. We used shakers and made shapes in the air and then shapes on the ground. We also used them like instruments e.g. use the shaker like a drum; like a guitar; like a trumpet; like a piano. It was so much fun and we had a lot of energy to use up today.

In the morning upstairs, we used the large foam letter and number shapes. We tried to put them together like a puzzle and then we tried to see which letters and which numbers we could recognize.

Kana read the book “The Very Lazy Ladybug”. Earlier in the week we spoke about what we can do with our hands. Today we added a few more ideas and then Darren asked us another question. This time it went like this: “What can youdo with your feet?” We thought of the following: “Stamp your feet; cross them; put them on top of each other; put the soles of our feet together; touch them with our heads; run on the spot with them etc.” Our feet are pretty neat! That rhymes!

At the activity tables we continued working on our farewell cards for our friends while downstairs we prepared our display for our end of year party on Thursday at 10.30am. We are looking forward to having our families with us so that they can see some of the things that we learnt during our year at Ohana International School. Darren asked us another question: “Can you hold something small?” We all answered: “Yes we can!” Some of us thought of small beads and this gave our teachers an idea. We wanted to make something with the beads; so they gave us spaghetti string and beads. We threaded them and made necklaces and bracelets. We said that the necklaces and bracelets were for us and some of the members of our families.

Tonight we think that our parents and teachers are going to have dinner together. We wish we could come too but we are too small. We hope that everyone has a great night filled with lots of fun and laughter.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Kana, Goh, Sabine, Rachel and Miyuki