Happy Birthday Tomo

Today we met Tomo kun’s dad because it was Tomo’s birthday. His mum and dad came to school for his party and they celebrated with us which was great fun. When we sang our “Hello” song, he sang: “I am Tomo’s dad” and his mum sang: “I am Tomo’s mum”. When we were all sitting together on the mat, we counted 14 children which is such a lot. At the party, we counted three fingers because Tomo turned three today. We counted them in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Hebrew and German. We then sang “Tomo is three years old today” and he was so happy. Emily put his crown on his head and we all thought that he looked like a king. Isabelle told us that if a girl wears a crown, she is a princess. We then stood up and sang “When you’re happy and you know it” and did many different actions. We love shouting “Happy Birthday” and then afterwards we whisper “Happy Birthday” really quietly. We sang and did the actions to ‘Three little candles’. We have to blow one of the candles out at the end of each verse and then work out how many are left. We love blowing them out however our teachers think that we like blowing real candles out more. When we have a birthday, we always get presents and all of our friends at Ohana get a special present that we make for them. Isabelle was so excited to be the one who was chosen to give Tomo kun his present. He opened it and found so many hearts that all of us had decorated for him. They looked so beautiful and he smiled all of the time. His mum made us a beautiful cake using yoghurt as one of the ingredients. We also had a lovely selection of fruits and our teachers were really happy to see that we had a healthy party snack today. You can see from all of the photos that Tomo was really excited about his birthday party; he was the special birthday king today. We want to thank Akiko, his mum and Nathan, his dad for their generosity and for coming to spend the time with us.

We hope that they have a great time celebrating with Tomo again this evening. For the rest of the day we did activities both upstairs and downstairs and spent time playing on the mat. Miyuki once again read so many stories to us on the second floor; we love listening to her reading to us. Each time she finishes reading one book, we have another one waiting for her to read to us. Upstairs our story today was called “The great escape from the zoo”.

In this picture on the left, Tokutaro wanted to be in the photo with Lily so he came to sit next to her. He raised his fingers up for the photo and Lily did the same! During circle time, our teachers have started asking us what songs we would like to sing. We are really good at selecting the ones that we like as many of us have good language skills. Today we chose “Twinkle, twinkle little star”; “The ABC song”; “Where is Thumbkin” and “Round and round the garden”. We had a discussion about what we can make with our hands. Our fingers help us make many different things with our hands and these are some of the things that we thought of. We tried to make some of them: crocodile, snail, snake, fish, shark, caterpillar, butterfly, spider, bird and a worm.

Outside in the park, we had a great time as it was not too hot, We had plenty of time to run around, climb, look for rocks, sprinkle the small gravel, slide, kick the ball and swing. Thanks for a lovely day!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Kana, Goh, Rachel and Miyuki