Happy birthday teachers

It was such a busy morning and we had a real treat at lunchtime. We celebrated five of our teachers’ birthdays this morning; Darren and Marie already celebrated their birthdays at the beginning of May; Kana celebrates hers today and Goh and Sabine have theirs during the month of June. So we decided to have one big party and lunch was a fiesta of pizza. Our teachers decided that instead of us having a cake or cupcakes and cookies, they would give us lunch. Now, if any of our parents look inside our lunch boxes and see that there is quite a lot of food left over, this is the reason. We ate so much pizza; and they were all large. We loved eating it and while downstairs we hardly ate any of our lunch from home, upstairs we ate the pizzas and our lunch. This is such a cute picture of the birthday girls and boy. We made them each a large heart; decorated it with our drawings and then pasted our faces on it. We want to thank Darren and Kana for taking charge of the cards and we noticed how everyone loved theirs.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to you; “When you’re happy and you know it” and we wanted to sing “How old are you now” but we thought that we would have to clap too many times to say all of their ages! On top of each of their crowns was one candle. We thought that only Sabine could have been one! We have been playing games with initial sounds and today just before we put the crowns on our teachers heads, Shelley asked us if we could work out whose name starts with the sound “d” and Jamie Tokutaro guessed Darren (we think it was a lucky choice); whose name starts with “s” and Noah guessed Sabine; whose name starts with “k” and Oliver guessed Kana; whose name starts with “g” and a few of us guessed Goh and then the “m” sound was a little tricky as Marie was still working in the office when we were playing the game.

Downstairs we spent time reading books and learning how to turn the pages. We also are almost finished drawing ourselves with black marker on a piece of white paper. We used animal counters at the table too and put them into different coloured cups, trying to match them. Upstairs we did more water colour paintings and used two different sized brushes; one was for the water and one was for painting with. Rachel read a book called “No moon, no milk!” and we all sat attentively listening to her. We like listening to stories told by all of our teachers. They all say words differently and it is good for us to listen to the different sounds. Rachel comes from America so how she speaks is really different from the way Darren speaks. We also did some exercises to see how well we can balance. “Can you: stand on one leg like me; can you hop like me; can you touch your head like me; can you touch your shoulders like me etc.” Wishing you a great afternoon on this beautiful sunny day in Tokyo.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Kana, Goh, Sabine, Marie, and Rachel