Get better soon

We missed three of our friends today because they were sick. We hope that Gento, Miya and Jennifer get better soon and are well enough to come back to school. Today was also a really warm day and some of us went to the park while some of us stayed inside and played a matching game with cards and pictures. We started off the day with Kana, Sabine and Shelley as our teachers, because Darren had to go and renew his visa. He came to school while we were doing cutting activities and puzzles. During free play some of us played on the floor while some of us decorated hearts for Tomo at the table. We spent time using wax crayons, markers and sparkly pens to decorate the hearts. We all enjoy working together because we can all learn from one another. Our younger friends are always motivated by us older ones when we do these kinds of activities and they take extra time and care over their work. We are pleased that many of us could decorate our hearts today as this is a short week. The rest of our friends will do theirs when we come back to school on Monday.

After our free play time, we had snack and then read library books. Shelley then asked us if we could recognize the animal sounds that she was making. Of course we knew them all! The last sound she made was “Cock-a-doodle-doo” and we all practiced saying it as well. We thought that it was a chicken and in some ways we were correct; it was the sound that the daddy chicken makes and the correct name for him is rooster. We read the book “Rooster’s off to see the world”. Along the way, the rooster met cats, frogs, turtles and fish and they planned to go with him all the way but……………………….they were not happy when the evening came and they had no water and no food. So slowly they all went home and so too did the rooster. There are two morals that we learnt from this story; one is that “the grass is usually not greener on the other side” and the other is that we should be grateful for what we have and not think about what we do not have.

Later on we had a selection of shapes to cut out and we were extremely creative with them. We pasted them onto a piece of paper, drew on them and then cut them out again. We really enjoy being given the freedom to create and choose what we want to do with certain art materials.

The matching game that we played was with cards. There was a selection of cards with pictures on them. Every picture had a matching one that was exactly the same. Shelley placed some cards on the carpet and gave us each a few. We had to find the matching partners and did this most successfully. Even Lily joined in and found one matching pair. The pictures on the cards we related to fruit, vegetables and plants. There were also some insects e.g. a beetle, butterfly.

Tomorrow our mums and some dads are coming to school to meet our teachers and chat about our progress. We are sure that our parents will be proud of us. We have learnt so many new things and continue to do so. Our teachers have tried to guide and teach us and we have responded amazingly to them.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Sabine and Kana