Tracing letters

We went outside to the park earlier in the day as we knew that it would rain sometime today. Luckily we did this as it started to rain when we would normally be outside. In fact, when we went to the park, there were no other children and it was quiet and everything had been cleaned neatly and carefully. Downstairs, we have almost completed our preparations for Mother’s Day and will wait for Sophie to come to school tomorrow so she can do her things for her mum. Our teachers haven’t told us about the breakfast yet, as we are not sure about the concept of time especially regarding days and weeks. We usually understand it more easily in terms of “sleeps”. It is two more sleeps and then we are having our Mother’s Day breakfast. Granma’s are also welcome to attend as they are our mums, mums. Phew, this is a bit tough to understand too. Yossi enjoyed dressing up as Barney and we spent part of the morning singing and dancing as well as doing certain activities. We are developing our puzzle skills and today Shelley noticed how we do them and how many pieces we can fit into a puzzle all by ourselves. We also played a game with the numerical symbols. Some of us recognize the actual numbers while all of us have an idea of number concept. We can count objects and Shelley always says that understanding numbers and what they mean is more important than counting from memory. We read books and spent time looking at one that has a large picture in the middle of the page; and

many small pictures down the sides. We have to try to find the small pictures inside the large one. This is called Visual Figure Ground Perception and Tokutaro spent a long time looking for and finding things. Upstairs, we welcomed Tomo. He is spending the next month with us at Ohana. It was his first day without his mum and he seemed happy with all of us who are his new friends. In the library Kana read us a book called “The Very Sleep Sloth”. A sloth is quite a large animal and he has a very different way of sleeping. He sleeps upside down, just like a bat. However, bats are much smaller and lighter and the sloth is really big. In fact it eats, sleeps and has babies upside down. We sang a song called “Can you……….like me?” We all had a turn to choose something that we can do and see if our friends could copy us. Some of the things we did were clap hands, sing, laugh, fly like a butterfly, whistle and eat. We also practiced some large muscle skills on the mat e.g. Can you sit down while holding hands in a circle? Yes, we can. Can you sit on the floor and lift one leg? Yes, we can. Can you sit on the floor and lift both legs? Yes, we can. We traced the words “Happy Mother’s Day” on the light box and did  a fantastic job. We also decorated our cards for our mums and made a flower out of tissue paper. We drew with sparkly pens on the card and made a gift as well. We don’t want to say too much as we want some things to be a secret. Shhhhhhhh!

When we were on the way to the park, we made an amazing discovery. We saw a black caterpillar walking on the ground.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kana