Yummy yakisoba!

Today was ladies day again at school! We did have some boys at school but they were far outnumbered by the girls. We also had to say goodbye to Tokutaro during the morning as he was not well, so the male contingent dwindled a little then. We counted six girls and four boys and three girl teachers. We stayed inside today as the weather rained on and off and we had so much to do. When we arrived at school we noticed that there were chopping boards; vegetable peelers; bowls; empty containers; a cooking pot; plastic knives; carrots; peppers; and a bag of mixed vegetables. We also saw that there was a bag of noodles. What were we going to be doing? You guessed it. We were going to make yakisoba. We were all so excited as we love being chefs and we also love eating.

We started off by having free play time on the mat and at one of the activity tables. Noah, Noa, Shoko and Shelley made their heart wishes for Yossi while the rest of us played with our friends and teachers. We mixed toys together and cooked and did many things using our imagination. Later on, during the morning we went three of us at a time, to wash our hands and prepare for our turn to start cooking. We know that whenever we do something with food, we need to have clean hands, washed with soap and water. Kana and Goh san were in charge of the two groups who were going to be cutting vegetables into small pieces.

We cut carrots and peppers and then mixed them with the sprouts and cabbage and cooked them in the pan. When they were almost cooked, Kana took them out of the pan and she added the noodles so that they could cook all by themselves. And when they were nearly ready, she added the vegetables and yakisoba powder and the smell in our classroom made us so hungry. We had a late snack and our teachers thought that we probably wouldn’t eat so much of our lunches, but we actually ate almost everything. Some of us had three helpings of yakisoba and we ate our separate snacks; and then we still had room for lunch later in the day!

We danced and did actions to the Wiggles CD twice and were so full of energy each time. We read a few stories during the morning and one that Shelley read to a small group was called “Yoko”. It was about a child who went to school with a beautiful obento filled with norimaki and sushi. The children in the class said unkind things about the food that she was eating, so the teacher had to think of something really creative. She made an International Food Day. Everyone had to bring something from another country and everyone had to taste the different foods. Only one child tasted the beautiful Japanese food and he became her special friend. He loved the food. During the morning we spent a long time at the one activity table playing with play dough. Our teachers noticed how we are all motivated to do something when we see our friends doing an activity. It is also good if one of our teachers is there, which helps the interaction a lot.

Tomorrow is Fitness Friday with our gymnastics class. We hope that those friends who are not well, have time to rest and that their terrible coughs go away soon. Coughing really makes us tired.

Love Shelley, Kana and Goh