So many in attendance today

We had a full house today. Really! We had thirteen children in our school today and we all did most of our learning downstairs on the second floor. It was really great when we had lunch and snack because we had one long table made from two tables, to sit at. Kana joined the small square table to the end of the large one. We all sat around the table and for Shelley, Sophie, Yossi and Noa, it felt like they were having the Passover Seder another time. When Jewish people celebrate Passover, they sit at a long table too, and feast and chat sometimes later than midnight. Our snack time did not last that long! We started off our day, playing on the mat and doing some activities at the activity tables. There was one table where we could punch holes around the wings of the butterfly and another table where we could decorate a heart card. So many of our teachers have their birthdays in May and June so we are decorating one card for each of them and they will all celebrate together at school one day. This sounds fun however we will have to have lots of candles for them to blow out. Allie looked after the babies so well this morning. She cuddled them and took really good care of them. At the table with the butterfly, we also started threading during free play time. We have made many butterflies over the past month or so and every time our teachers think of different ideas as to how we can decorate them. Today’s one was a little more challenging as we needed to

understand the concept of in and out; we were sewing. Noa and Noah did a particularly good job with the sewing and Jennifer helped do some this morning as well. We used some beautiful pieces of ribbon to do the sewing. Some pieces had gold thread on the outside. We have some more holes in the wings for threading small pieces of pipe cleaners and buttons and beads. We will continue working on it next week.

The other activity that we did during the morning was with a dough made from lots of salt and flour and water. You usually mould things with it and then bake it in the oven and it gets hard. It was a little sticky on our hands and we enjoyed hitting it to try to make it flat. Shelley has a special recipe which we can make another time. You have to actually cook it and then use it. We sang our “Hello” song and we also greeted one another in different languages. We said “hello” in French, Afrikaans, Mandarin, Japanese, English and Hebrew. We tapped different parts of our bodies and played a game where we had to listen very carefully to sounds. We could hear our fingers tapping on our knees but we couldn’t hear our pointer fingers tapping our knees; we could hear a sound when we clapped our hands but we couldn’t hear anything when we tapped our pointer fingeres together; we could hear a sound when we clicked our fingers but we couldn’t hear anything when we blinked our eyes; we could hear a sound when we popped our lips and also when we clicked our tongues. It was a busy day with a full class and lots of fabulous things to do.

Love Shelley, Darren and Kana