The egg on the leaf

We had so many visitors in our school today and some new children played with us during the morning. Their names were Jennifer and Tomo. They sat with us on the carpet, joined in with singing, ate snack at the table and they even did some activities with us. We enjoyed showing them what we do at school each day. Today we made a circle holding hands with all of our friends; we made it large by walking backwards as far as we could while still holding hands with one another. We made it a really small circle by walking in as close as we could get to one another. We laughed a lot as it seemed as if we were all huddled together. We then sang some action songs like ‘Ring a ring of roses’ and ‘Hokey Pokey’. The ‘Hokey Pokey’ song is fun because we use different parts of our bodies and put them in and out of the circle. We played a game called “Hands on your………..” It is a body parts game and we had to try to remember the many names that are given to different parts of our bodies. Some of them we know really well however some are new words for us e.g. ankle, wrist and collar bone.

We played one of our favourite’s today! Can you guess what it is? Mmmmmmm. You need us to help you? Okay, “Do the monkey”. Hahahahahaha……you thought so!

We read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in detail and all helped read the story. We looked really carefully at the pages as Darren read the story, and we could remember what words went with what pictures. We have been doing a lot of

Investigation of eggs and caterpillars and butterflies and when we looked at the butterfly book, we saw that some of them have amazing patterns on their wings. They are usually symmetrical which means that they are the same on both sides. At the one activity table, we had a selection of coloured circles in various sizes. We used Poscas to decorate them and just before we went to the park, when they were somewhat dry, we pasted them onto our large red butterfly’s wings.

Another activity that we did today was to decorate Eva’s crown in preparation for her party next week. We also decorated Clodia’s placemat so that she can have her own one for snack and lunch time when she comes to school.

Another fun game we played today was also related to the caterpillar, the egg and a leaf. We all held the edges of a giant leaf and Darren magically found an egg which he placed in the centre of the leaf. It was a wobbly egg (maybe there was something inside it, which was getting ready to hatch) and couldn’t keep still. We bounced the leaf so that we were all bouncing, and we tried to keep the egg on the leaf. A few times it bounced onto the floor but in the end we mastered how to keep it on the leaf. We will take this game with us on our Cherry Blossom picnic tomorrow and play it outside in the park. We trust that the big storm that is supposed to come soon, will come and be gone by tomorrow morning. Yay! We will all hang our Teru Teru Bozu dolls in the window at home, so that tomorrow we will be a beautiful day. See you all at 8.15am tomorrow morning.

Love Shelley and Darren