The weigh in!

We had fun playing outside in the park with the sunshine getting warmer each day. At last! We are having a lot of fun using the trucks that Marie gave us; driving them around the park, up and down the slide and sharing them with friends. This last part is the most difficult however we are managing to do this quite well. We are also spending time doing playing ball games where we kick, throw and catch the ball. Some of us discovered that if we take the ball up to the top of the slide, it will roll down the slide really quickly. When we take things to the top of the slide however, we try to look who is playing in the sandbox and where so that they stay safe when we come whooshing down with our toys.

We sang “Ring a ring of roses”, our “Hello” song and some action songs that we love. We sang “Can you tap your hands………” and then did other unusual actions e.g. touch your shoulders with arms crossed; wriggle your ears; wriggle your nose; pinch your nose; rub your tummy; pat your head; raise your eyebrows (this was really tricky for us); click your fingers; make your cheeks all puffy; pop your lips; shake your bottom; bend your knees; open your arms and legs wide and then jump them together. We love moving our bodies and making them work hard so that our brains can work their best each day. We went up our knees and walked around the carpet like this and when the music stopped, we looked for a friend and hugged them. We had such big smiles on our faces when we played this part of the game. We had many turns so that we could hug all of our friends at least once. We also curled up into tiny little seeds and then listened to the words of the song “I am a little flower”. When it said “I’m growing in the garden”, we stood up and held hands with our friends and danced around together.

Darren spoke to us about how we have grown and that not only have we gone taller but we have become heavier. He had a machine called a scale and we all had a turn to stand on it and see how much we weigh. We had to try to keep really still when we were doing this. We will compare our weight now with our weight when we were a baby and will probably see how much heavier we are now. We also did actions to our favourite song “Do the monkey”. The other animals in the song that we do actions for are a tiger and an elephant.

He read us the story of “The Ugly Duckling”. We think that it is important to be kind to others even if they look different and are different. And in the story, the ugly duckling became the most beautiful swan in the whole pond.

At the activity table, we decorated hearts for Clodia who is having a birthday when we return to school after the spring break. She will be two years old and so too will Gento. He will turn two the day before we come back to school for the new term. We decorated Clodia’s crown and have both her and Gento’s birthday gift ready for their parties. We had some visitors today to look at the school.

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine this afternoon and looking forward to our “Popcorn” day tomorrow when we will be popping and eating popcorn on our last day of the term.

Love Shelley, Darren, and Kana