The Moshi Moshi Day

We called today the "Moshi Moshi" day because downstairs we spent time "talking" on our mobile phones during free play time. We really enjoyed the warmer weather today and some of us went outside without our thick jackets. Is spring here? We are not sure however we had so much fun, drawing around one another’s feet in the sand, walking on the elephant feet, running around, sliding, swinging and digging in the sandbox.

The morning in our classrooms was really busy. Upstairs, we played “Put your hands on your……….” and learnt some new parts of our bodies and also remembered many that we had learnt before. We spoke about things that we love and in the library we have cute animal puppets. We could choose which puppet we liked the most and took it off the shelf and hugged it. Miya took the raccoon; Noa chose the mouse; Becket liked the bat; Oliver chose the goat and Nico chose the frog. Our teachers also chose a puppet to hug. Darren chose the dog and Goh san liked the rabbit.

We did this in the library and afterwards had time for our story which was called “I like it when…………………..” Some of us looked at our Life Books and told our friends and teachers who we loved. We love all the people in our Life Books!

Our special activity at the tables today was following on from this discussion. We each had a large pink heart to decorate. At the top of the heart we read the words “I love………….” We first pasted our photo on the heart and then there was a large selection of things to paste onto it that fitted into the categories “Animals and Food”. We chose the things that we love and then pasted them onto our hearts.

During our Circle time on the mat, we sang “Ring a Roses” and played the ‘freeze’ game to the music of the Body Rap. We had to stand on one leg for about three seconds which felt like such a long time. We also sang “Love is something”.

Downstairs, we are focusing on the giving part of our theme for this month. Our large painting is completed and we are calling it ‘The Art of Giving’. Our teachers think that it is a real work of art and would look beautiful framed and hanging in someone’s house! In the painting our hands represent the giving part of the title. Today we had a few activities to do at the tables. One was free drawing; another was threading and the third one was string painting. The string painting today was with purple and orange. We are always surprised when we open the page after having pulled the string out to see what shapes we created. Our teachers today said that they wished that we had more language so that we could talk more about the shapes and what we see in them.

Kana loves doing art with us and she helped us place the string on the paper, pull it out and then open the paper up with us. The third activity that we had to do was threading. We chose the colour of our spaghetti string and then threaded beads onto it. Shelley suggested that we give them to our mums or dads or whomever we want to. This was another activity related to the theme of giving. We read “The Pokey Little Puppy” at story time which tells the story of puppies who don’t listen to their mums and they miss out on their special dessert at night time because of this. She made all the things that they love and they weren’t allowed to eat them e.g. rice pudding, caramel custard and strawberry shortcake!

We hope that everyone has something special to eat for dinner tonight with a delicious sweet dessert. Itadakimasu and have a great weekend.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh and Kana