How much have we grown?

We hope that Miya gets better soon and that Gento kun’s chin heals well since his fall at home on Friday night. We don’t like it when our friends are sick or hurt themselves! On the second floor, the children went out earlier than usual to play in the park. The reason for this was that there is a lot of sun in the park earlier in the day. It was lovely to be bathed in the sunshine all the time while we played. When we came back from the park, we worked on our large ‘work in progress’ by pasting pieces of tissue paper on top of the paint and newspaper. We used the lovely gooey glue to paste the tissue paper on together with yellow spatulas. The painting doesn’t really look so different from how it did before we started working on it today. To us, it is one large painting and the colours we used today are almost the same as the colours of the paint so they blend with the painting. We also put a few pieces of beautiful shiny ribbon, still keeping the colours almost the same as the paint. Tomorrow we will add something quite different to it and it will continue being a ‘work in progress’ for a while. We sang songs together on the mat, made beautiful heart wishes for Nico’s birthday and read stories. We read a few stories viz. “Elmo’s house”; “At the beach” and “The three little pigs”. We like to make the noises of the animals when we hear their names.

Upstairs we used large sheets of paper and painted on them. Noah painted his mummy. We used both paintbrushes and sponges for this painting activity. We have a height chart in the library so we measured all of our friends to see how much they had grown over the past few months. All of us had grown at least 2cms.

We read the book “Love and Kisses” which is about a girl who kisses her cat. The cat then kisses a cow;  the cow then kisses a fox who then kisses a bird and the story goes on for a while with many animals kissing one another until the kiss comes all the way back to the girl. We had fun when we were singing “When you’re happy and you know it” because we all suggested something for our friends to do. Jamie suggested that we hop; Nico said we can jump; Noah said we can stamp our feet; Oliver said we can blink our eyes and Beckett suggested that we stamp our feet one more time. We also sang “Love is something”.

In our circle time, we played a game where we had to match and identify the letters in our names. We took our flash cards with our names on them and had to try to find our own names. Then we looked for all of the letters in our names and matched them so that they were in the correct order. Then we focused on the sound of the letter ‘S’. We know that it makes a ‘ssssss’ sound. Darren had a selection of cards with pictures of things that start with the “S” sound on them. He showed us a part of the picture and we tried to guess what it was before we had seen the entire card. There were sandals, soap, sunglasses, shells etc. We sang the song “The snake is in the grass” and did the actions with our hands.

This is the first sound that some of us are learning.

Love Shelley, Kana, Darren, Marie and Goh