It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring!

We stayed inside today because it rained, just like the weatherman said on the news. We had longer time to play in our classrooms and do activities at the tables. Upstairs we listened to an Audio Book for the first time. We had to listen very carefully as there was someone else’s voice coming out of the speakers on the sound system. The book is called “Sharing is caring”. We were introduced to many new words e.g. generosity, unselfishly, friendship, show your love, share your joy and many more. These are beautiful words for us to know and learn as we can use them with our families and our friends each day. We sang “Love is something” and did actions; we made the shape of a heart with our fingers and we counted to fourteen because the 14th February is Valentine’s Day. We had a fun time with balloons in the classroom and used a lot of energy to play this game. First we tried to blow our own balloons up; then we had to keep it in the air with our heads, hands and feet. We did this game to music and when the music stopped, we had to “freeze”. If we were moving, we sat down and helped Darren and Goh san see who moved when the music stopped, the next time. In the end, Noa was able to keep so still, she was the winning statue!

We did two painting activities today. One was downstairs and the other one was upstairs. Downstairs, we painted another colour onto our tiny easels; upstairs we used pink paint on heart-shaped doilies which will be a card for someone special. We will also reuse the doilies when they are dry.

Downstairs, we played with our new friend Yossi who joined our class today. He is three years old and he really enjoyed himself. He was so excited to play with all of the toys and he learnt how to pack away when he was finished playing with something. Our teachers think that we are great role models for one another, as we showed Yossi what to do. We also painted our small easels and tomorrow have the last colour to put on. Then we will spray them and seal the paint just like real artists do. The last colour is silver which is shiny. We have been waiting all the time to use the silver paint as we have seen it in the paint box.

The story we read was called “Who is making that noise”. There are doors that have to be opened on each page so that you can see who is making the noise. We waited patiently for our turn and each of us discovered something hiding behind the doors that we opened. There was a mouse banging pots and pans, a bear playing a trumpet, a dog banging lids etc. We know that when we are playing inside the classroom, we use indoor voices and when we are in the park, we can run around and use big voices. We did drawings with markers; played with play dough and loved our music time on the mat. We are starting to sing the words of some of the songs together with the actions which most of us know already.

We sang songs all about love today and also taught Yossi our favourite which is “Open them, shut them”. He learnt how to sing his name when we were doing our “Hello” song and we look forward to seeing him on Wednesday. We hope Gento kun is feeling better and Beckett is having fun at the ice festival in Hokkaido….brrrrr!

Love Shelley, Darren, Kana, Marie and Goh