Here comes the dragon......roar

We had such fun today with our friends and teachers pretending that we were dragons for the Year of the Dragon this year. Kana attached all the pieces that we had painted and decorated, to the dragons head and she then added some twirly red fabric to complete it. Shelley told us that we were getting a special visitor today and slowly out of the office came a person with a dragon head. We knew that it was Kana because only a few minutes before, we had sung a song about colours. We remembered that she had purple tights on today! Shelley taught us the initial sounds of our names by singing a song. It went like this  “If your name starts with ………..   stand up”. She said “mm”, “nn”, “gg”, “tt” and “sh” when it was each of our turns. She looked at us which helped us know when it was our turn. We sat on the chair and held the dragon’s head over our faces and tried to peep through the holes where your eyes go but some of our faces are a little too small; and some of us are not sure how to look through a small hole with just one eye. We roared like dragons which made the dragon look a little scary.

In our morning circle we sang good morning with actions in different languages and of course we sang our “Hello” song. Then we sang a song about colours which is similar to the one about our names but it goes like this: “If you’re wearing blue, stand up……..” Whenever there was a colour, we looked at our clothes and if we were wearing that colour, we would stand up. Shelley then tricked us by singing:

“If you have a nose, stand up…” and we all have noses so of course we all stood up. We focused on our facial features and pointed to them and sang about them “What is my nose for?” Miya told us that her nose is for taking “shmutz” out of!!!! Our teachers laughed especially Sabine as she understands German!

Shelley and Kana had a meeting with a man in the office and while they were there, we finished our snack and made birthday hearts for Sophie. We have missed her at school this week and thought that maybe she was coming today but she didn’t. We know that we will see her on Friday as it is her birthday party at school. We have kept her crown out for her to decorate but we will complete it tomorrow so that it will be a surprise for her when she has her party.

Downstairs we have a new coat rack so there is more room on our hooks inside the classroom. The coat rack sits just outside the door to our room. In winter time our coats are so bulky, they take up so much space. Before we go to the park, our teachers bring our coats inside and we sit on chairs and get ready in this way. We do the same when we return from the park.

Our teachers notice that we love mixing different toys together when we have free play time. Today we took the semi-circular shapes from the toss the ring game and used them for cooking. They were inside the pots and pans and some were even in the microwave. It is sometimes hard to find toys when we pack away, as we find all sorts of places for them, which our teachers are discovering every day. Usually they trick us with things but now we are, unintentionally, doing the same to them.

Love Shelley, Darren, Kana, and Sabine