Cookies for the festive season

What a wonderful smell welcomed us back to our classroom downstairs from the park. Miya immediately remarked upon it as we walked into the room and she herself said: “Oh, it smells nice. It is the cookies!” And it was. We spent the entire morning cooking with Carolin and we had so much fun. Some of us spent a short time at the table rolling the dough and cutting out shapes and some of us spent the whole morning helping make the cookies. Those of us, who wanted to work at the cookie table for a short time, went to the floor and played with toys and books. Darren read many stories to us and we too had fun. At the tables, Sophie and Nico rolled and cut out shapes for a long time and our teachers helped decorate the cookies. We had so many wonderful Christmas and Festive season shapes; stars, shooting stars, moon, heart and Christmas tree. We sprinkled them with silver, blue and pink balls as well as some hearts and stars. They will be a surprise for our families……………..shhhhhh! We want to say a huge thank you to Carolin, Miya’s mum for her time and help and for preparing the dough and everything for us. We loved cooking with her and are sure that her recipe is delicious. We think that there were so many cookies, we will have one tomorrow for snack time! Gento and Eva made their Christmas colours collage while we were waiting for all the cookies to be baked. It took a long time as we made more than 200 cookies. Kana and Sabine sat with us while we listened to Smiley Shark which is one of our favourite stories. It has a CD and a book and we turn the pages while we listen to the story. Our teachers are trying to pay attention to our positive behavior and reward us rather than focus on some of our friends who are pushing the boundaries a little at the moment. It is an interesting time for  us all in our classroom downstairs as we are trying to assert ourselves and be more independent.

Upstairs we made a holiday picture of our choice. We chose yellow paper as our backgrounds and then chose red, gold and snowflake patterned ribbon; shiny origami paper and some glitter paint to add to the final product. They look really beautiful. We then looked at our plants growing in our small green pots and noticed that Oliver and Nico have some shoots coming out from the soil. We decided to water them so that they can grow some more and when we felt the soil, it felt a little bit dry. We know that plants need food and water so that they can grow just like we need food and water to grow bigger. When we were in the park, we looked at our flowers in our garden there and saw that they are still looking pretty and colourful. We think that we may need to water them before the end of the week. We read a book called “Christmas Numbers”. There were pictures of many different things that are related to Christmas e.g. Santa, stars, Christmas trees, angels, reindeer, presents etc.

We are so excited as the end of the term draws near and then it will be only nine days before Christmas………..

Love Shelley, Darren, Sabine and Kanako