The Very Hungry Caterpillar and His Search for Mummy

Mr. Sun didn’t show up today and so we were a bit confused if we will go for water play or not. A few of our friends were sure that it wouldn’t rain because they checked the weather forecast before they came to school. So we requested our teachers for water play and they happily agreed. Hurray! After we finished our morning jobs, we went on to do some fun activities. On one table, we continued with our special craft work for this week and most of us added final touches to it. We cannot wait to gift it to our mums. On the other table the baby bath was very popular again and many of us spent a long time bathing, brushing and getting the babies ready for the day.

On the carpet, we had some small world people and animals as well blocks. Pooja suggested we could build a maze with blocks and help the baby animal find the mummy. We worked together with her to build a maze and tried to negotiate with our friends about which animal needs to look for the mummy. We finally all agreed that the little piglet was lost and will look for mum. We placed the piglet at one end of the maze and the pig mum at other end. The piglet kept oinking and went to different sections in the maze before finally finding her mum at the end. We shouted in glee when the baby found her mum. We all took turns to play and decided to choose our favorite baby and mum animal. One of our friends remarked that the baby piglet looked unwell and so few of us decided to become Vet and treat the piglet. We all love dress up and dramatic play.

In the morning circle time we did the calendar and then Pauline played her ukulele and we sang some summery songs. After snacks we went up to the pool for water play. We pretended to be little seeds and as our teachers poured water on us, we grew up into big trees. It was so fun and we kept asking our teachers to pour water on us again and again. We also sang many songs as we played in the water and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Sayaka started the second circle time by singing some Japanese songs like Higejisan and Anpanman. Then we went on to sing some animal and butterfly songs. Pooja mentioned that today’s story is about a baby that grows up to be a butterfly. We couldn’t hold our excitement as some of us knew that story and very confidently we said that it has to be ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. The words in the book were repetitive and suggestive, so Pooja read a few lines and waited for us to fill in certain words as we went along. This is big milestone in our language development. After reading the story, Pauline told us that the caterpillar is lost and needs to look for his mum. It was so fun to look for the butterfly. Our teachers used positional language words like under, below, inside, etc to help us find the butterfly.


Thank you so much for a great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Summer School 2016