Jack's Beanstalk

Dear Summer School Parents, We enjoyed lots of fun activities today and made our own special ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ pictures in free play time. On the table we saw some white sheets of paper and lots of other materials to make our pictures. We started with a simple twisting exercise to make the beanstalk main vine on our paper by taking several sheets of tissue paper and twisting them into a vine shape and then sticking them to the paper using some sticky clear tape. We than chose some colored foam leaves which we stuck onto the vine with some double sided tape. We then needed to add Jack climbing the beanstalk and used some colored markers to draw Jack. At the top of the vine we needed a castle picture and decided that it would be good to either cut some colored paper and then stick it on, or to draw the castle with colored markers. We are so proud of our pictures and are looking forward to taking them home today. On the second table several of us missed out on planting vegetable and herb seeds and so we made our own special holders using the cardboard tubes, origami paper, ribbon and pom-poms. The dress up corner was again popular today with many of us putting on princess dresses and crowns. On the carpet we took many of the soft toy animals on a short walk following the giant’s footprints from yesterday. We wondered where the giant is hiding today? After packing away the toys and art materials we had our yummy snacks and then headed for the 3rd floor water play area just as the sun was coming out. It was lots of fun and we played with lots of balls in the water today. The water was getting low and so the teachers used the hose to top up the pool and we soon realized that if they pointed the spraying hose up into the sky it would fall down just like rain. It was very warm and we had a great time playing. In circle time we looked firstly at our little sprout houses with Pauline and saw that the seeds had all sprouted and were growing very fast. We hope to take them home soon so that we can put them in some soil to make them grow even bigger. We also looked at a book called ‘The Bernstein Bears-Grow it’ which showed us lots of things about how plants are very interesting and how many kinds of things are made or involve plants. We thought it was funny that ice cream which is made from milk involves cows eating plants to make the milk. We learnt some new phrases too such as ‘Mother nature’ and ‘Having a Green Thumb’.

Have a wonderful afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

All our love, Darren, Pauline, & Hisami