What a wonderful day

“It’s another day for you and me, in paradise” These are the words of a song that Shelley knows. She always seems to know songs and makes them up all the time. Today felt like it we could have been in paradise because of the beautiful weather and the lovely time that we had with our teachers and friends in class.

At the tables we had some drawing using lead pencils and coloured pencils, as well as pairs of scissors. We sometimes use markers at the office table but when we do drawing with our teachers, we use the coloured pencils and lead pencils. The reason for this is that we need to be able to draw with adequate pressure and hold our pencils with the appropriate grip. Markers do not help us learn these



At one of the table there were cards with pictures and some words. The words read “What goes together?” On the table, there were 3D objects and we had to look at the cards, look at the one picture on the card and see what matched with it e. g. there was an airport so the airplane went with it; there was a baby so the bottle went with it etc. There were eight cards and it was an associative type/matching game. We will play some more matching games with our names and letters tomorrow and another one with pictures on cards.

Hisami sat with some of us and we completed some activities that we hadn’t done for our workbooks/portfolios. We made “kabuto” out of newspaper with stickers and we also chose the last few things for our “diorama” boxes which are our end of the year gifts that the teachers made for us. There are so many things to prepare as we work towards the end of this school year and we are working together with our teachers to have everything ready. First we have our Parent Teacher conferences, then the Parent Teacher Social night and then our Petals Class end of the year party.

During the morning, we sang some of the songs that we will be singing at our party and we listened to the Ohana school song many times. Our teachers think that this is sometimes the best way for us to learn songs; they play them over and over while we are doing activities and playing with toys. Instead of actually teaching them to us, we learn them incidentally. In fact, we learn many things incidentally and can discover many things through our curiosity and observations.

We changed the calendar and we learnt how to read music. When we learn how to read music we don’t use ABC and we don’t use 123. We use five lines drawn parallel to one another with little black tadpoles on them. They are actually called notes but since we learnt about tadpoles recently, Hisami used this analogy. Here is a picture of the notes that we read today.

Thanks for a fun day.

Love always, all the children in Petals Class.