The Letter Y

Dear Flower Class parents, This morning on the main activity table we saw some brightly colored material called Plasticine along with some farm animals and a mat. We could make anything we wanted from the Plasticine and some of us made cars while our friends made animals.

Next to the Plasticine were lots of job cards for us to look at along with the corresponding job name written on cards. We needed to match the words on the cards to the pictures on the table. It was a little difficult at first as some of the jobs were new to us such as ‘A Judge’. On the second table we saw the colored plastic again to make the colored tassels. Several of us hadn’t seen these before and so we needed help from the teachers to put them together correctly. We chose 3 pieces of the plastic and taped them together in the middle for strength.

We then used our fingers to split the plastic sheet along its length to meet in the middle at the tape. Once we had made the pieces as thin as we could using our hands we switched to using the plastic comb on the table to make the pieces even thinner.

We then folded the tassel in half and brushed it again to make it all fluffy. We also saw our paper windmills we made a few weeks ago on the table too and the teachers told us they needed to take a photo of us holding them for our special book pages. Also on the table were lots of special teachers books which have lots of pop-up pictures in them and we were very excited to see the Pirates books with the big ship and sea monster in it. In the carpet area we saw the computer and graphics tablet set up for us to use for something special. Unfortunately we can’t tell you our plans for this at the moment as it will be a surprise for later this term. There were two of us who used this today as it can be a little time consuming to complete our work and we wanted to do a good job today.

After packing away the toys we joined Pauline in singing the first parts of the ‘Ohana Song’ while she played the Ukulele. We then pretended to be Police Officers and while doing paperwork at the table one of our friends disappeared and we needed to investigate and find them. We were lucky as our friend was under the blanket and we needed to see who was missing from the group. We headed for the park after eating our yummy snacks and enjoyed the nice sunshine with our friends from Bud’s class too. In circle time we read a special jobs book called ‘I want to be a Doctor’ and it explained all about how they transport patients and care for sick people. We then moved onto our new letter / sound for this week…’y’. We thought of several words beginning with this letter / sound and then moved to the table to practice our writing and drawing skills.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline & Ryoan