Happy Birthday's, Boys Day and Golden Week

We had a big surprise today and kept it all such a big secret from Darren; it is his birthday tomorrow. There is no school tomorrow and so we celebrated his birthday in the classroom today. On the main table this morning we saw some red, blue and yellow paint with some white paper. On the ceiling in the classroom we saw the Koinobori which is put up to celebrate ‘boys’ day on Thursday. Using the paint and some fish scale cut cardboard we made our own paper Koinobori to take home. We started by using the colored markers and drawing in the tail markings and fins on the side. We then used some small pieces of sponge and colored paint with the cardboard mask to make the fish scales. Once the paint had been applied we glued on some big black eyes to finish the Koinobori. The teachers then made the Koinobori into a circular tube and attached a stick to hold them. Next to the Koinobori making we saw the recycled paper shapes we made last week and they had dried completely. We could then decorate the paper shapes using the colored paint markers and then we used some nice sparkly glitter to make them all shiny. They are going to be used to decorate the table for the Mother’s Day breakfast next week. On the carpet we saw lots of new vehicles such as helicopters, tractors, motorbikes and farm vehicles to play with. This is the first time we have seen these and so we had lots of fun playing with them. The wooden and plastic construction set was also very popular today as was the free-art table using the new animal stencils. After packing away the toys we saw how quickly we could make circles with groups of 4 or 5 of us and then sang “A ring, a ring of roses” which was lots of fun. We then went to the park in the sunshine and had lots of fun on the slide with Aiden who had come to join us today as he had no school. It was great to have Aiden with us again today to help us and play with us too. We saw our friends from Buds class and Petals class in the park too. When we came back to the classroom we all got a bit bunched up outside the classroom and once we cleared the doorway we heard a big “Surprise” from inside the classroom. When we went it we saw several of the Flowers Class moms, Maryna and Jen from the office and lots of decorations up in the classroom. We really surprised Darren and he looked very shocked. Once we had all sat in the circle Pooja started us singing “Happy Birthday” and then we played a wonderful game; pin the crown on the picture of Darren. We each took turns and wearing a blindfold we tried placing the crown picture onto Darren’s picture. Our friends all cheered along and we did a wonderful job. Darren then had to follow the clues to find a special gift from all the children in Flowers Class. Each clue had a special hint and once he had been all around we found a wonderful picture frame with messages from each of us. We then had a group hug and Darren blew out the candles on the beautiful chocolate cake gift and made a wish too. We had a big group photo together and then our yummy sandwiches, popcorn and juice all supplied most kindly by our wonderful Flower Class families. Thank you to everyone for their generosity and for making it such a special day for all of us. Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again on Friday.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline, Ryoan & Aiden