Grow flower, grow!

Good morning! The weather was cloudy but we thought that we could use the deck upstairs beside the office. After doing our morning jobs, we were so excited to see the play dough on one of our tables. We got some utensils that we could use to mold and pound the soft play dough. We also felt that it was a bit cold because we always store it in the fridge. Today, we made some imaginary popsicles and ice cream for our friends. However, we always have to remember that we cannot eat the play dough but rather just pretend that we can munch on them. On the other side, we saw some lacing activities. We loved practicing this skill so that we could perfect how to put the thread inside the hole. The kitchen play area was really busy too. We took out the ice cream bowls and put lots of food toys in them. We also imagined that we’re cooking various delicacies that we could think of. We then went to the library and grabbed some books that we could offer our teachers to read. It’s always lovely to have this special time with them. Then, Goh-san was very nice to take out the wooden blocks and doll house that we have on the carpet. She then made a small house with lots of furniture in it. Then, one by one, she asked us if DSCN9553we have a brother or a sister. We all replied that we have our mommy, daddy, brother, sister, grandma and grandpa. We just loved talking about our family all the time. We truly enjoyed having this meaningful conversation with Goh. With the wooden blocks, we made a humongous boat. We lined up all the cubes and cylinders and then took the triangular shaped blocks to put them on top of each cylinder. We learned more about shapes today and the word, “repair” which means to fix.

During our circle time, we sang our ABC song and learned about the “a” and “b” sound. This was also a good practice of using our tongue and mouth correctly when making the sounds. We actually enjoyed doing it and at the same time learning the proper way of saying it that can develop our phonetic awareness. Then, we took the teddy bear and he sang “Skidamarink” while we passed him around. We loved showing our affection to our soft toys. We love hugging and kissing them all the time. Next, we also read the story, “Grow flower, grow.” It has such an adorable plot. It was actually about the girl who got a seedling with a tiny tip. She said that she can make this flower grow by giving it food to eat. She gave it a slice of pizza, a piece of cheeseburger, some spaghetti and a dog bone. The book was really hilarious but at the end of the story, we learned that flowers need water, air and sunlight in order for it to grow. Then, most of us said that there was a bee in the book. Then our teachers asked us, if we have an idea of what these tiny creatures eat. We guessed maybe pizza, spaghetti or things that we eat too. Later on, we learned that the bees are like butterflies. They also eat the nectar from the flower which somehow can turn into honey when they go back to their beehive. Hence, we will be talking more about bees for next week. It’s also part of the living things topic that we have for this month.

We didn’t go to the park but we went to the balcony outside the office. It was really nice to see new toys to play on the deck. Thank you so much, Ohana for the wonderful day. Have a good weekend! See you all on Monday!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016