Monday is fun!

Good morning everyone! It was such a nice morning again at Ohana! The weather was so sunny and we felt that later we could have our time to go and play at the park. We always enjoy being there because of the big space and different park equipments that we could use. We started our day by doing our morning jobs and it was nice to see that some of our friends can do it independently now. We had some great table activities again today. On one table, we had the lacing and threading practice. We really loved using the different shapes and it was nice that slowly, slowly we’re able to get better on this skill. We also had our art table and we continued the hat for our boys’ day and the flower pots. For the flower pots, some of us were not able to finish so we had our chance to make them for our Mother’s day present. We used the basic primary colors like blue, green and yellow. It’s up to us if we wanted to make some color combination for our hats and pots. Three of our friends also re-painted their pots because they thought that it needed more colors.

In our circle time, we began to sing our morning songs. We started with our ABC song and we practiced pronouncing different phonetic sounds like “a”, “b”, “l” and “m”. Then, we also sang our good morning song and asked about our friends’ names too. Not only that, we said “hello” to our teachers too. We easily learned our new teachers’ names like Chiaki and Miyuki. The next activity was reading a story about the horse and the mice. The title of the book was, “The Kind Friends”. It was about a horse who loved to share with the mice the oats and beans that he ate every day. He really liked the mice and sometimes played with them when there’s nothing to do. But one day, the farm was blazing with fire and the horse got stuck in the stable because he was tied to the rope. The mice, with their kind hearts, helped the horse and crunched onto the rope until the horse was able to get out of the farm without any burns and blisters on his body. He was very, very thankful by what the mice have done to him. Our teachers asked us, “How about you? How can you be nice to your friends? How can you show your kindness?” Most of us replied that we could play with friends, brothers, sisters and parents. Some of us also said that we could share our toys and food to those who need it.

We went upstairs for our gym class and Miyashita-sensei was there again to help us. We enjoyed the warm-up exercises, stretching and jumping around the classroom. We moved on to our regular workout routines and all of us had a wonderful time expending our energy for the rest of the session. Thank you, Miyashita-sensei for teaching us and for being patient all the time.

After our snack time, we went to the park and enjoyed the warm sun. We also collected some leaves that we could talk about tomorrow. Some of us looked for the ants again and on the way to the park, we found some spider webs but no spider in it. Thank you so much, Ohana for the wonderful day! See you all tomorrow! Have a great day!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016