Colored Flowers & Vegetables

Dear Flower Class parents, This morning we were so surprised to see the cabbage leaves and the white carnation had changed color overnight. Yesterday in Maki’s circle time we put the leaves and flower into some water with vegetable dye in it. The colors were very bright and when we looked this morning the color had come up into them and changed the color. The carnation is beginning to look blue and green, the cabbage leaves have turned bright red, yellow and green. On the main table those of us who didn’t get the chance yesterday to make our circular green paper into a cone completed this in the morning. We also made the trunk of the trees with brown origami paper by covering a plastic cup. We will start decorating these later this week. On the second table there was a wooden weaving loom and with Ayaka’s help we threaded on lots of yarn and also added some beads too. It took a little while to add the yarn and keep it tight but we soon made progress. On the carpet area the trains and tracks were very popular and we put together a big area of track before getting the trains. Several of us noticed a big cardboard box on the table and when we opened it we were very surprised to see it was full of Christmas decorations and there was even a small tree in there too. Together we decided to start decorating the tree by putting gold chain around it and adding some wooden ornaments. We will add more decorations tomorrow and then switch the lights on. Great! We went to the park a little late and although it was cold we had a good time playing ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf’? and some of us found some berries and morning glory seeds on the fence. In circle time we looked at a book ‘Big Earth, Little Me’ which is all about recycling, turning off the water and re-using materials such as drawing paper and plastics. We then started our sound / letter of the week; O. We looked at how to write O in the correct direction, and some words that begin with it such as: octopus, otter, olives, ox, on, off and orange. We practiced in our books and drew a picture of something beginning with ’O’.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Maki & Ryoan