Music in the kitchen

DSCN5162Good morning everyone! It's always nice to do our morning activities for we are so proud of what we can do now in Buds class. We really had lots of fun socializing and playing with our friends in the classroom too. Today, we took out some cars and trains that we can play on the carpet. We just loved to bring out the map of Tokyo and move our cars around. In the kitchen area, we got some plastic food toys that we can chop with our toy knives. Our favorite was the magnetized apples because they can be chopped in several pieces. After using it, we can put them back on. On our activity tables, we continued making our cake art from yesterday. Our teachers helped us to use less decoration because we can get carried away and put everything on our art work. So, we did our cake art very slowly but it was still fun! Today, we also did a very special activity. We made play dough! It has been for several days since we haven't had a chance of touching and molding different figures with our play dough. Hence, we are all excited to mix and pretend to become little bakers. First, Sayaka took out the flour, some water, cream of tartar, and a little bit of food color. And then, there was this very special smell of cinnamon that we also added in. We put and mixed all the ingredients together! We passed the bowls around so that each of us will have a turn. It was so much fun doing that!

After our special play dough activity, we went to   the carpet to do our circle time. We sang our morning song and danced with our DSCN5181friends. We did some animal movements like the elephant stomp, hopping like a kangroo and sleeping like a bear. We also did the sorting game again because we weren't able to finish it yesterday. Most of us knew all the shapes and sizes and it's nice to practice them again and again. Then, our teachers took out some kitchen utensils like pots, pans, whisk and a ladle. We then started using them as musical instruments! What an imagination we had! It was really amazing and we loved taking turns to make music with our friends!

We went to the park today and exploring the area was always our favorite thing to do there. We stayed in the green area and played with our teachers for a good amount of time. Thank you so much Ohana for an awesome day!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016