The mom and the dad make Many Meals...mmmm

Dear Flower Class parents, Today we completed our ocean dioramas in the classroom. To finish them we just needed to cover the outside edge of the box with some black paper. To do this we first spread some glue on the edges and then glued on a strip of black paper to cover them. We then got some big red pegs to hold the paper in place. Once they are dry we will remove the pegs and put them on display in the classroom. On the next table we saw a ‘Water Power’ experiment kit to make models that use water for power. The pieces look a little like Lego pieces and there were 13 models to choose from. We chose to make a dragster. The instructions were very small so we had to help Darren read the instructions and work out where to put the pieces. There were about 30 steps and we managed to reach number 11 before it was time to pack away. We will continue building the model dragster tomorrow morning. Also on the second table a few of us wanted to complete our perler bead pictures and we finished a van and a car picture today. On the carpet area we saw the game which we played yesterday at the birthday party. The game was to pin the tail on the donkey while wearing a blindfold. We took turns wearing the blindfold and then our friends spun us around 2 or 3 times and we then tried to pin the tail in the right place. It was a funny game and good fun. After packing away the toys we went to the park. It was nice and warm in the sunshine and we played ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf’ together. When we returned to the classroom Ayaka kindly read us the book which Wesley donated to the school yesterday ‘The pigeon needs a bath’. It was a great book, thank you Wesley! We then looked at our new letter / sound for this week ‘M’. We listened to the teachers reading but could not see the pictures until the end and had to guess which sound we thought we are doing this week. We guessed correctly. We practiced writing the letter in the air and looked at lots of things that begin with M including: mouse, money, marbles, magnet, mailbox and medal. We moved to the table and practiced the letter and some words beginning with m in our phonics notebooks. We got to color the pictures we had drawn and then wrote underneath them what they were. The hardest one was ‘marshmallows’ as it was very long.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Maki & Ryoan