The Fire Truck Ladder

DSCN4677Good morning everyone! It was a wonderful day again for us to be with our friends and teachers. It was raining outside but it was nice to have some drizzles on our faces. We arrived at school and said bye-bye to our parents. We put away our things as part of our morning jobs and then went straight to our activity play area to find some toys waiting for us. The ambulance that we made last time was amazing. We put ourselves inside and started to move it around the classroom. Some of us just sat down and hid quietly. We had a fantastic time using it and showing off our teachers that we can drive it. On our activity tables, we used the play dough and made imaginative figures with our teachers. Many of DSCN4681our friends used the utensils and pretended that they were making cookies, cakes, ice-cream and all kinds of food that they could think of. On the art table, we found some firefighter art activity from yesterday and the fire truck pasting art. It was so cool how we were able to identify the parts of the fire truck where we saw the ladder and wheels. We knew that there were so much more to find inside.

During our circle time, we started our activity with our morning songs and then reviewed what we have talked about yesterday. So, we learned about the drop, stop and roll procedure. We were very active and some of us were able to perform it properly. After that, our teachers took out the pretend ladder, fire house, helmet and fire truck. And then our teachers showed the sequence of how the firefighters do their jobs. First, they need to listen to the soundDSCN4682 of the fire alarm, put on their suits, get on the fire truck, climb up the ladder and take the fire hose to put out the fire. Our teachers asked us to sit against the wall and we all waited for our turn to perform the simple firefighting demonstration. Some of our friends were requesting to have a try also because they were so much fun.  The lesson we got from this learning experience was that the firefighters were really working hard to rescue and put out the fire from a burning house or building. And their jobs are not easy at all. They are the real superheroes. Sharee read a story to us and the title was “At the firehouse”. The book was about a boy who really liked to become a firefighter so he went to the fire station to visit and get to know more about the firefighters.

Thank you so much Ohana for today and hope to see you again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016