A great first week of school

The last day of our first week of school for this school year, and we are really happy, making the most of all that we learn each day. Our teachers are already surprised to see that we remember the words of some of our songs, which are new for many of us. Those of us, who spoke really quietly earlier in the week, have turned up the volume of our voices now…….!Today we did a really fun activity making hand prints. We had many different feelings about this activity, because Hisami painted our hands. When she painted our hands, it felt ticklish,


soft and oozy, not so nice, weird, wonderful, cold and smooth. Hisami asked us to move different fingers while we had the paint on our hands and this was fun. Some of us had two different coloured hands and we were all really surprised when we lifted our hands off the paper; to see our hand prints. Another surprise came when we washed our hands and saw the water change colour.

We sang our “Hello” song, we bounced our knees and said “good morning” to our friends; we clapped our hands and said “ohayo gozaimasu”; we clicked our fingers and said “ola”; we swayed and said “bonjour”; we shrugged our shoulders and said “neehow”; we tapped our knees and said “mabuhay”. We are learning how to say “hello” in many different languages. Our teachers want to encourage us to look more carefully at our faces, and see the detail on them so they are making a large face which will be placed on the board behind the office table, where we love doing free drawing. We have a large yellow circle at the moment. We will use the large yellow circle for other games during the year but at the moment, it represents a face.


We went to the park earlier than usual because we were worried about the weather and whether it would rain. In the park, we loved playing the game with Shelley on the large concrete slide. She sat on the top to make sure that we were all safe when we slid down it and each time that we were ready to slide, she said “ready, set, go” or “1, 2, 3 go”. We loved waiting for her to say the words and then she tricked us and said “1, 2, 3 stop” and we still went and laughed.

When we arrived back at school, after washing our hands, we played a naming and matching game. We identified the pictures and then tried to match them with one that was the same as the one that we had in our hand. When we had matched them, we placed the cards into the box and then played another round. It was a wonderful day today and we look forward to welcoming more of our friends back from their vacations on Monday. We hope that you all have a great weekend and please come to the US Embassy Friendship Day tomorrow if you want to watch taiko, and have a fun day out. Love always, all the children in Petals Class.