It’s time to go to the park.

DSCN2349          Good morning Thursday!  Our friends and teachers were all ready for a great adventure. We went inside the classroom and found out that our toy blocks were on the carpet. One of us went to the kitchen play area and began taking out some food toys and pretended to cook food for everyone. Our theme for the month is all about “Myself and body” so we also saw some books on the shelf and we picked out “Charlie Monkey” , “Toes, ears, and nose”, “Twinkle toes”, and the “The Long-Nosed Pig”. We loved looking at these books and learned our body parts at the same time. Our teachers were very nice to read these stories for us. We also made the special “face art” today. We saw a finished model of the art activityDSCN2345 and saw the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Some of our friends thought that the hair was a bit funny and silly. And so they chose a different hair color. We used the paper plate as our blank round face and then we put on some dots with different colors and even scribbled around it. We also picked a pair of eyes and ears, a nose and a mouth. We also noticed that that these parts of the face came in different colors and sizes. All of us chose a much bigger eyes, nose, mouth and ears. We loved the curly hair and it was a bit challenging to stick it on because we had to turn the yarn around and stuck it on the paper plate. It’s a good thing that our teachers were there to help us with it. On the other table, we had the Ziploc bag with paint inside. We liked touching, spreading and mixing the colors together. But we had to be really careful so that we wouldn’t make a hole while doing this activity.

In our circle time, we learned the “Ohana school song” again. It was nice to hear that we still remember some phrases of the song.  We also talked about the numbers and parts of the face. Our teachers asked us “How many ears do we have? How many eyes do we have?” We then took out our number flashcards with ladybugs. We slowly counted the ten ladybugs and one of our friends even volunteered to get the ten toy blocks so that we can understand the numbers better.  After our circle time, we had our snacks and went to the park. The weather was so good. We saw Petals and Flowers classes there too. They were so busy going up and down the slides and playing in the sand box. We chose to stay in the sand box for most of the time. We also saw the bubble maker and played with it until the soap was finished. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day. See you again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016