If you're angry and you know it

Wednesday, 26th August 2015 Today we welcomed some new friends in our class and we are glad that our class is filling up slowly but surely. We had a small circle time with Hisami and we all learnt how to respond when our teachers call our names, on our attendance sheet. We sang our “Hello” song and many of us are saying our names when we hear the words “what is your name”…..We will eventually remember to say “my name is…..” We are starting to use our placemats when we have morning snack and lunch time and are trying to remember what our name looks like or what pictures we pasted onto the placemat, that differentiates if from our friends’ ones. In fact, one of our friends put her spoon on the place where the spoon picture is on the mat, and her fork where the fork belongs and then she placed her round container on the round plate. You can see the photo here.


During the morning we had a selection of activities to do at the tables. Our new friends made their placemats and dressed their people for our birthday chart and all of us made a face in our workbooks/portfolios. Our teachers gave us real cut outs of mouths, noses, ears, and eyes and after choosing the ones that we wanted to use, we pasted them onto the page with the circle on it. We tried to look at our friends and teachers as well as the face, that we have on the wall, to see where each facial feature belonged. Our teachers give us a lot of freedom when we are working at activities, so some of our facial features are upside down, and some are just where we wanted them to be.

We enjoyed playing with musical instruments which we incorporated into our music routine, with singing and dancing. When the music stopped, we stopped playing our instruments. It was a little tricky because we were moving our bodies as well so to try to co-ordinate these things, seemed a little challenging.


We all love being given the opportunity to do something during circle times and today, we changed the date, the day and the weather on our calendar. As part of theme “I am me” we also have been talking about feelings, so our story today was called “When you’re angry and you know it”. The words are similar to the song “When you’re happy and you know it”. We looked at the pictures and tried to find who was angry in the pictures and why they were feeling angry. We felt really happy today and want to thank our teachers and friends for another fun day at Ohana. Love always, all the children in Petals Class.