Getting to know Buds class!

It’s the third day for Buds class today and it was fantastic! It’s also a rainy day but that didn’t stop us to have so much fun in the classroom. We welcome Ritsuka back and she couldn’t even hide her excitement when she arrived at school. As she said “bye-bye” to her dad, she gave her teachers a sweet smile together with a warm hug. We missed her so much and it was good to know that she’s back with us once again. She then went with Goh-san to make her placemat for the school year. She was so focused and chose her favorite food for the day. Neel and Yeon Jae almost got to school at the same time. Our teachers spent a bit more time with both of them. They settled in pretty well and began playing with the toy blocks that we have for the day. Alona came too and she also needed a little time to get to know her surroundings more. And when she finally realized that there were so many toys around and things to play with, she instantly went to the kitchen play area and found the food toys and pots. She put them all on the kitchen table and imagined cooking and mixing all the ingredients together. It was also nice to see that Alona did her morning jobs with the help of her teachers.  Great job Alona! Yuu-kun greeted everyone with a smile and started looking at the classroom. He went for a long vacation and now he’s back for another great adventure at Ohana.  First, he did his placemat and he likes sticking and choosing his favorite food. Bradley was very happy and excited to get inside the classroom. He felt that he’s on an expedition and tried to rediscover the things and toys he can find. He went to the kitchen play area and got some pots and plastic food toys. He then put them in the tray and walked around to find something else. He held the tray for a long while and put the toy cars and blocks in it. Griffin entered the classroom with so much excitement and when he saw that his friends were all sitting on the floor, he got very curious and gradually joined in. He also said that “My mom has food at home” because he saw some of his classmates pretending to cook in the kitchen.  And then, John said that he was very hungry and he liked to eat a lot of food today. Sofia, Bradley, Griffin and Ritsuka began to look for fruits and vegetables that they can grab from the food toy section. They gave them to him and John pretended to eat all of it. All of us laughed and this created a more comfortable and connected atmosphere in class. On our activity table, we found a tugging box, threading activities and sorting cups and sticks. Griffin and Alona got a chance to work with these tasks and with the help of their teachers. They were able to complete them. Griffin was pretty good in sorting out colors and he knew where to place the right color of the sticks with their corresponding cups. Some of us went to the other part of the room to play with the musical instruments and Sayaka. We all enjoyed playing with the noise makers and drums. Afterwards, we all went to the library and John read a book entitled “Don’t you dare, dragon?” The story was about a cute dragon who liked to try everything. But eventually, he got into trouble and nobody wanted to play with him. As he was sobbing in one corner, there were a group of friends who invited him to the party and since he can blow fire, he helped his new friends to light up the candles. There was also a long stuffed dragon in our classroom. It can also do many things. Every time that the dragon jumps up and down, everyone from Buds class started to giggle so much.

With our circle time, we reviewed the parts of the face. Each one of us was able to put the eyes, nose, mouth and ears on the big white blank head. Some of us still needed more time to get to know our activities more and we believe that it will be very soon.

Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day again. We had an amazing time with our teachers and friends. We definitely had more chances of exploring and discovering the great adventures that we have in our class. Have a great day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Goh