The colorful dinosaur eggs!

DSCN2076Terrific Thursday! We are always joyful to be here and our friends and teachers are all happy to receive us for today. Yurika and Ritsuka came in early. And Yurika went straight to our dramatic play area and put on the DSCN2080princess dress. She then took the colorful pouch and started posing on the camera for a nice shot. Ritsuka followed her,  she went to the kitchen play area and started cooking some food for our princess. Jesamin was also here to take care of us. She is very nice to us because she was also asking us interesting questions and her smile simply captivated our hearts. Charles arrived at school with a cool smile too. He saw the dinosaurs on the table and began taking the dinosaurs to the play area. He imagined that his dinosaur was traveling in Buds class. Some of our friends continued making the paper mache dinosaur eggs from our activity yesterday. Charles was very serious and was touching the dinosaur egg curiously. He spent a lot of time trying to absorb how a wet paper felt like. After he’s done, he smiled DSCN2083secretively and knew that it was such an amazing experience for him. Risako also did the paper mache activity and DSCN2096she’s always a happy girl doing things on her own. But this time, she had to be guided so that she won’t spill the water on the floor. On the other side of the table, we saw some paint trays prepared by Goh san. Thank you Goh for letting us paint our dinosaur eggs today. It was very fantastic! Ivory, Anneke and Sofia cheerfully put different colors on their dinosaur eggs. Great job Buds class! In our circle time, we showed our friends again how to use our magical scarves. Jesamin was there too and she was actively dancing and singing with us. We did some fascinating performances with our scarves. First, we moved our DSCN2105scarves up and down  then we went fast and slow. Most of us were laughing because it was so exciting how our teachers tried to trick us with the movement. We also twirled the scarf round and round until it made a big circle DSCN2107in front of us. Lucy was giggling all the time and Rei chan was ardently dancing and shaking her hips while we were singing. We also held our scraves in the front and pretended that we were holding onto the steering bar of the motorcycle. And when our teachers said “ZOOM”, we all walked quickly around the classroom while making the sound ‘broooom’. We did the magic trick that John taught us yesterday. We hid our scarves inside our hands and counted from 1, 2, 3…and then GO! When we heard the word “go”, we threw the scarves up and we all got so thrilled seeing them floating down until they reached the floor. Afterwards, we all sat down and lay the scarf on our laps. DSCN2110The imaginary baby was crying again so we had to put him to sleep.  We sang many songs for the baby until he stopped crying. Such great babysitters we are!DSCN2111

After snacks, we went upstairs and saw the pool once again. We got so excited and wanted to go straight to it. Of course, our teachers told us that we needed to wait for them. It is always more fun to play with our teachers in the water.

Also, today is Kaia’s and Charles’s last day at Ohana. Anneke, Alexandre, Rupert and Ritsuka also waved bye bye only for this summer (we’re still going to see them in August, YAY!). It has been a fun time playing with you both. We hope to DSCN2115see you again soon. We wish you good luck and enjoy the rest of the summer.  We love you!

Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day! Hope that you’ll have a great day ahead! See you all DSCN2117tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Goh, Jesamin and Toshiki