Ice eggs

IMG_0440Hello everyone! Today, our old (new for some of us) friend Adrien was with us. Adrien is a big brother of Alexandre in buds class. Welcome back Adrien! He started his day making a colorful dinosaur egg. He was very quiet first, but looked very curious about our dinosaur activities. Hana and Dominik weren’t here yesterday so they started to color their dinosaur fossils. They wanted to finish them today so they colored both side with gold paint. Other friend also finished their fossils. Now we all are ready to show our fossils to our moms and dads.IMG_0436 We also made Origami dinosaurs. We first started folding origami into triangle shape. It was very easy for all of us. Then we needed to open it again and make ice cream corn shape. This process was also familiar to us. After this process, we followed teachers very slowly. Each time we creased origami with saying “ironing, ironing”. After making dinosaur shape, we wrote our name and stick a small wiggly eye. Hana wanted IMG_0454her dinosaur as a mommy so she drew her favorite cute eye with eyelashes.

The carpet was all covered with train track. White and blue shinkansen is always popular IMG_0452among the boys. Teachers still need to remind us to share them sometimes, but we are always happy playing with them. Zachary and Adrien were busy looking at the three-dimensional T-Rex book. We can see under the skin of T-Rex. Each layer shows its skeleton muscle and all the inner parts.

In our circle time, after hello song and our favorite song “Johnny works with one hammer”, we gave a special card to Ami. Today was her last day at Ohana. We hope to see you in the afternoon class or next summer at Ohana ;) We will miss you…

IMG_0467Ayaka borrowed Kamishibai (Japanese picture-story show) from the library and shared it to us. It was called “Kyo- ryu- boya no otomodachi”. The story about little Tyrannosaurus helped little Chasmosaurus from Dryptosaurs attacking. Dryptosaurs is a not as big as T-Rex but they are scary meat-eaters. It was a quite long story, but we were so focused on the story. We all loved it. IMG_0478Zachary and Lisa even said “Can you read it again?” just after Ayaka finished the story.

After the kamishibai, Ayaka asked Gaby and Arata to get our special egg from the freezer. First we all touched the balloon. It was very cold and hard. Taiyo and Gaby didn’t like to touch it. It was maybe too cold for them. We couldn’t feel the dinosaur shape anymore from outside but we IMG_0484could see the shadow of the dinosaur. As soon as Ayaka cut the balloon, we all said “Yay!!” We were so happy our balloon egg turned into an ice dinosaur egg. We tried to get the dinosaur toy from the ice egg. It was too hard to break with our hands. We wanted to throw it to the floor, but it would make a mess on our carpet. So we decided to bring our egg to outside at the third floor. IMG_0485

When we went upstairs, buds class children were still there. While we waited for them, we stretched our body with counting 1, 2, 3…in Japanese. Then we went outside and started to get our dinosaur baby from our ice eggs. Some tried to throw it and others tried to put the eggs into the pool. We got all five baby dinosaur IMG_0503successfully. We still have three eggs in the freezer so we can play with them tomorrow again.

Tomorrow is our last day of our summer school. See you all tomorrow!