Happy Birthday Noa

We want to wish Noa a very Happy Birthday Noa for next week. We had a wonderful party today with her and her mom and we want to thank them for giving us all so many new and delicious Israeli treats. We had a special birthday cake that people eat in Israel as well as Bisli, which are crunchy, yummy snack things as well as some candy which Noa’s grandma sent all the way from Israel. Our teachers were amazed as we ate almost all of the things on our plates at the party and then we ate our own snacks as well. When it came to lunch time they were convinced that we would not eat as much food as usual, but……they were wrong! We sang “Noa is five years old today’; “When you’re happy and you know it”; Happy birthday” in English and Japanese. We spoke about what happens when we have a birthday. Jamie told us that you have a party and a cake and Miya told us that we get presents. We made a special present for Noa. She opened up her beautiful envelope that had a picture of a piano on it and she discovered a beautiful chain of hearts. These were our heart wishes that we made for her for her birthday. Kana used a shiny pink ribbon to tie the hearts together as she knows that Noa likes the colour pink. Upstairs, before Noa’s birthday party, we made butterfly paintings on green paper. We folded the butterfly in half and put paint only on one side of the paper. Then we folded the paper and peeled it open slowly. We had the same patterns on both sides and the butterfly wings looked the same. Real, live butterflies also have the same pattern on each wing. We also had the floor piano out and Beckett and Nico had so much fun running up and down on the notes and making their own tunes. They also crawled and jumped on the notes. In the park, we played the game “What’s the time Mr. Wolf” and Yuta, Oliver, Finn and Nico all had a chance to be the wolf. The rest of us had fun being the chaser. Our teachers had to explain to us that if we are the wolf, we need to chase our friends and catch them and pretend to eat them. Nico did “Show and Tell” and showed us photos of elephants taken when he went riding elephants with his family.

Downstairs one of the things that we love doing is reading books and listening to stories. Today we read books by ourselves and then Shelley read a book called “My Granny went to the market”. It was a story about a granny who travelled to many places around the world, buying souvenirs from each country. She even came to Tokyo, Japan and bought kites. The book also has a number game in it.

Our table activities today involved playing with our sensory boxes; completing hearts for Noah’s party in 10 days time and making necklaces and bracelets. Miya and Sophie ended making both necklaces and bracelets while Tokutaro and Eva danced to the music with Goh san. Later in the day we all did actions to the Wiggles CD and played with instruments. We love the “Shake your sillies” song, the “Walk” song and the “Hot Potato” one. We now know exactly what movements we have to do when they sing certain words. One of the things that we really love doing at music time is jumping. On the Wiggles CD, they always tell us to jump like a kangaroo! We hope everyone has a great weekend and our teachers look forward to seeing our mums and/or dads on Monday for the Parent Teacher conferences. Have a great weekend!

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh and Kanako