Ahoy mates!

IMG_0080Today, we have thirteen children in our class, so we had Nananko in our classroom in the morning. Also, Toshiki (Maryna’s son) has been helping and staying with us. Today’s first activity was making a treasure chest. Liezel made a treasure chest with paper box from the junk art box. She covered the box with brown origami and used black tape to decorate it. She also stuck ‘skull and crossbones’ paper on to the box as a symbol of pirate’s treasure. Some of us who didn’t find a nice box for treasure chest used the milk carton. It was perfect for making treasure chest because the bottom part was already a cube-like shape. Jennifer and Luka made their origami bracelets because they weren’t here at school yesterday. Ami didn’t have any treasure to put in her box yet, so she made a necklace made of beads with Luka. After making the treasure box, we put our treasure such as origami paper,beads necklace and IMG_0081coins. The treasure chest we saw in the books always had plenty of gold coins, so we decided to make them too. Older children made some circle shapes with cardboard by themselves. Teachers suggested to use tapes to draw a nice and round circle, so we used the round tape as a stencil to draw a perfect circle . It worked very well. Teachers already cut some circle cardboards, so some children used them. We covered those circle cardboards with gold origami. IMG_0068Hana wanted to use silver origami,so we use two color origami to make our special coins. Teacher didn’t tell us how many coins we should make, so we made them as many as we could. In our circle time, we did “ let’s all hold hands in the circle’ and “ hello song” as usual. Ayaka asked if she can sing another “ hello song” because she still can’t remember the song which Petals class friends taught her. When we finished our song, Koh said that we forgot IMG_0086to sing that song for Nanako. Nanako was not with us at the moment, so Ayaka pretended to be her and answered, “I’m fine. Thanks.” and “ Arigato” even though Luka said that Ayaka can’t prentend to be Nanako. Today’s book was “How I became a pirate”. The boy ,Jeremy Jacob, who joined Captain Braid Beard and his crew learned pirate language and greeting. He also learned that there are no books or good table manner on board. The pirates don’t even brush their teeth ,so every single pirate in this book had no good teeth like us. Jeremy ( not from the book , our real friend Jeremy) told us that the pirates need to go to see pirateIMG_0114 dentist if they had cavities. The pirates can’t read books. The only thing they had to read was a map. Ayaka drew a map and added lines and N,S,E and W. Jennifer knew it was a compass.The compass shows us the different directions which are north,south,east,and west. So, that pirates can find the way to their treasure.We will make our map tomorrow. “Ahoy !” This is a pirate greeting, or a shout to attract an attention.When we are all ready for our water play,Ayaka used that special pirate greeting. Everytime she asked us like, “ Ahoy! Are you ready?”, “Ahoy! Did you wear the sunscreen?” or “Did you bring your water bottle?”, we needed to answer “Aye!” or IMG_0104“Aye,Aye!” .

Toshiki put the hose into our pool today so we played with that sprinkler. Our teacher knew that we loved that sprinkler even though we shouted “OH NO!!” “No more water please!”. With our kind friends Jennifer and William, they helped us to hold the pole of the umbrella so as to prevent it from falling. Thanks to them we had a wonderful shade outside. The weather forecast says that IMG_0088IMG_0110IMG_0107there is another tyhoon coming up...but we all hope that the weather stays nice for our water play.