Treasure making & Walking the plank

IMG_0020It was another hot sunny day in Tokyo after the rainy season. Everyone arrived with a smile today. It was Lisa’s and Ayaka’s first time to meet Lena, so we greeted each other. We were so excited because our teachers said that we can play in the pool today. We got all the swimming gears ready first and started to play.On the carpet, we saw some train toys .Dominik, Kenichi, Koh and Hana IMG_0022played together. We were busy making train track very long, so teachers needed to remind us that we needed to keep our toys on the big carpet area. Lisa is very good at making puzzle. As soon as she found a 100 pieces pirate puzzle, she started making them. Lena was also interested in this pirate picture on this puzzle, so she decided to help Lisa. On this puzzle, we saw that captain pirate holding a treasure map and other pirates dug and found some golden coins in the treasure chest.On the big table, we made some necklaces IMG_0019and bracelets. We all loved this activity. Lena made the longest necklace and was very proud of her work. On the small table, all the children made Origami heart bracelets. We each chose our favorite color origami and made our own bracelets. Riko and Hana chose pink origami without any hesitation. Some chose gold, silver or chiyogami( flower picture origami ) ,so it was not easy to fold them because they were harder and thicker than regular origami. We couldn’t remember all the process to complete it, but it was very easy to follow teachers step by step. IMG_0037Teachers said that the more you practice origami, the better you get each time. Jeremy, Jessica and Lisa started to make coins as our treasures. Ayaka suggested making wallet to keep the coins, then Jeremy said we also needed to make credit card. We are not sure if the real pirates have ever found credit card in the wallet…J We keep these special treasures here at school and use them tomorrow.The book of today was “Edward and the Pirates”. One night, while reading IMG_0044a book about pirate, Edward finds himself surrounded by the pirates who think his book might tell them where their treasure is buried. The pirates wanted to get Edward book, but Edward didn’t want to give it to them because it’s checked out on his library card. After we saw that the pirate made Edward to walk the plank of the pirate ship, teachers suggested to try this plank game. Teacher prepared long strip on our sleeping mat. We needed to walk slowly and balanced. We are all brave enough to walk across to the end. Ayaka demonstrated how to walk.IMG_0057 It seemed very difficult because we needed to walk slowly and toes and heels need always touching. In fact, it went very smoothly especially with our special pirate hat. Our last activity was playing in the pool! All the children enjoyed outside water/pool play include Jeremy who said he doesn’t like the pool first and Taiyo wanted to come inside the room more quickly than others yesterday. Kenichi and Koh were making a rainbow using the hose. After Dominik and Lena IMG_0059swimming and putting their faces in the water, Lisa and Hana also poured water to themselves. Have a good afternoon and stay cool.