Autumn colours

We have been so lucky with the weather each week and besides the miserable day on Friday, the weekend was sunny and today, we didn’t even wear our jackets when we went to the park. Our T-shirts go over our warm tops and we look a bit like “Michelin boys and girls” as our clothes in winter are more bulky. We don’t even worry about these things and run around and play and have fun no matter what. We like to observe things closely and in one of these photos you can see us with Darren, watching as the pump fills the large sphere with air so that we can play with it. There is still so much sand in the sand box and it really helps our friends who are smaller than we are; now there is no step for them; they just walk straight onto the sand.

Our story upstairs was called “Pigley’s garden”. After we had listened to the story we thought about the different creatures and characters that were in the story. There was a snail, ladybird, apple, caterpillar, frog, beetle, bird and squirrel. We also looked at a book called “The Tremendous Tree Book”. It shows us pictures in detail about trees and leaves and other things that grow on trees. When we made our extra leaves for our vine, we paid particular attention to the veins on the leaves and drew them onto our leaves. We also made bugs using the paper clay that we made last week. We used orange, green, red and brown clay. We added pipe cleaners, straws and other decorative pieces to it and made cute insects.

Downstairs we added some leaves to one of our paintings that we made last week with the rollers and shaving brushes. We used origami paper and tried to cut out leaves. Sophie and Miya did a great job controlling their scissors while Shelley and Goh helped them stay as near as possibly to the lines. They all pasted the leaves onto the painting. Some of the origami paper was plain and some had patterns on it.

Miya decorated her heart for Noa’s birthday and we all helped make one for Shoko as she is not here this week and we want her also to have a heart for Noa’s birthday gift from us. We used the sparkly glitter again and had a cloth on the table, so we could wipe our sticky fingers after we had spread the paint.

We had a fun music and movement ring using instruments and listening to different instruments on the claviola. We heard some jazz piano, violin, bass and even rock music. We played our game where we freeze when the music stops. We also tried to listen to the music carefully and then move our bodies appropriately. When the music was slower we moved as if we were the branches of trees blowing in the wind; when it was faster, we ran around the carpet and at the very end we played our game where we hide! We made ourselves small and hid our heads in our hands. We also added Goh san and Shelley to our Sensory Boxes and need to find pictures of our other teachers to add them as well. We hope you have a fun afternoon.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kanako