Emma the bunny and her dream of stars

DSCN1040Good morning Monday! The Buds are ready again for a great adventure. Today, we didn’t have so many friends but it was still fun to be in the classroom. Yurika was the first to arrive at school and she called Shelley from upstairs. DSCN1054She knows most of the teachers now in Ohana. Also, we can actually see how comfortable she is now with everyone. For her, it was like a second home. Sofia came and she liked to keep herself busy with the soft toys. She likes the DSCN1044pretend play with her dolls and various toy characters in our classroom. Jack was also so cheerful when he came to our class. He really does have a wonderful personality. He always gives us a big smile when we’re having some special activities in the classroom. Yurika and Sofia then got the stuff toy tiger. It was really nice to see that both of them are getting more and more comfortable with one another because they were able to share toys and books together. DSCN1045           On the other side of the table, we saw some stars in different sizes. Taiga was the first one to try and he enjoyed sprinkling the glitters in the stars. We used green, gold, red and silver glitters. We put the glue on initially and then sprinkle the glitters all over the stars. It was so amazing how we were able to create wonderful designs. We continued on pouring the glitters. Jack was showing Nanako how he did his. Yurika was DSCN1051having a fun time working on her art work. She almost finished every star that she can find on the table. Sofia liked the glitters so much and she did many stars too.

During our circle time, we did the usual morning songs. Sofia was actively singing all the songs and she loved showing off her DSCN1046talent in class. Jack was quietly listening and every now and then, he stood up and pretended to dance to the song. Taiga was also very cooperative for he always takes part in answering the teachers’ questions. Lastly, we were introduced to a new friend of Buds class. Her name is Emma. Emma is a bunny and she likes to play with us. Emma DSCN1049was playing with the shapes but her favorite was the star. John asked her if she wanted any other shape but she replied, “I want a star!” She brought the star to her bed. And she slept with the star in her arms. And in her dreams, she saw the big moon and the stars around it. Kaia counted all the stars and she said that there were ten stars. It was pretty amazing how she developed and learned many things from Buds class. She is indeed a big girl now. Ivory was listening intently and loved playing with the picture cards for our morning activities. After our circle time was the story time, Sayaka put out the book about a girl who got a present from her mom. When she opened it, she saw a pair of rain boots andDSCN1050 umbrella. She played in the rain with the other animals that she would meet along the way.

At the park, we certainly had a great time playing with the other classes. We also loved how they took care of us when we needed help. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful time. Hope to see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Nanako