Monkeys making wishes!

DSCF7555           When we came into the class this morning, we saw strips of paper and brush with paint, and green paper with scissors, like yesterday. None of us had finished or started on our Tanabata craft so we decided to continue with it. Gaby said “I don’t like scissors” before she started it, but once she held the scissors in her hand, she made a fabulous bamboo stem.

Those of us who had already finished making bamboo and DSCF7560painted strips, satDSCF7556 on the other table to write our wishes. Some of us wrote that we wanted to be a Peter Pan or Police officer when we grow up. Once we finished writing our wishes, we tied our wish on our bamboo. We hung our wishes on bamboo, because bamboo will grow straight up to the sky carrying our wishes, for the people living in the Kingdom in the sky to read.

DSCF7567During snack time, Jessica and Jeremy brought cute tiny baby strawberries which their mother grew in their planters at home. They were very small but tasted as sweet as the regular sized DSCF7557strawberries.

At the park, we started looking for some more “BBs”. It seemed like we cleared out the park yesterday, so it took us much longer to find a handful of them. We also chased around butterflies image6trying to catch them with our bare hands, like Darren always does, but it was much harder then it looked.

Gaby kept climbing and jumping off from her favorite stump, whileimage5 Wesley was swinging so high on the swing, we thought he might fly away like the man in the Tanabata story.

Tokutaro, our explorer of the class, found out that we can swing from one of the trees in the park. He would climb image3up on the concrete fence and reach out to grab the branch. Jessica wanted to try but didn’t know how to do it, but didn’t take so long to figure out how, under Tokutaro’s strict coaching of how to be a monkeyJ Kosei and Arata joined in shortly afterwards, and we had 4 little monkeys swinging from the tree.image2

We had so much fun and didn’t want to go back to school at all! When we got DSCF7570back to school, it was almost lunch time so we learned little bit about the Milky way, and decided to keep the craft for tomorrow morning!

Have a great afternoon, All our love Maki, Liezel & Bill.image4