Flowers Walk of Fame

DSCF7411This morning on the main table we saw some white paint, a paint roller and some black paper. We made our own Hollywood Walk of Fame prints and Stars. First we used the roller to gather white paint and then rolled the white paint onto our left hand. The teachers then helped us put paint onto our right hands. We spread our fingers and pressed them onto the black paper. We counted to ten and when we lifted our hands it left some beautiful white hand prints on the paper. There were a few of us who needed to finish decorating our ‘I’m a Star’ picture frame with shiny stars, gold paint and sparkly silver glue. On the second table the corkboard picture makingDSCF7413 activity was very popular with many of us making pictures using the colored wooden shapes, DSCF7416hammers and small nails. Jennifer started making a little beaded bracelet and managed to nearly finish it but used the afternoon time to put the final beads on the string. Many of us dressed up today and had our photos taken to go in our ‘I’m a Star’ frames. Kai dressed up like Peter Pan, Wesley was an astronaut like Neil Armstrong, Kosei a police officer, Riko was Sleeping Beauty, Gaby was Snow White & Jeremy was a Rock Star. We will take our frames home with our special pictures this week. After packing away the toys we got ready to go to the park but had DSCF7417something special to do first: Our monthly Fire and Earthquake Drill. We got DSCF7421under the tables and covered our heads when the earthquake drill started and then talked a little about what to do in case of a fire. We needed to shout “Fire” as loudly as we could to let all our friends and family know. Then we covered outr mouths and used the stairs to descend to the ground floor. We did a really good job, Well Done Flowers Class! The park was very warm and we drank lots of water to stay cool. When we came back to the classroom we saw on the computer the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’ and saw Michael Jackson’s Star. Maki showed usDSCF7426 DSCF7429how to draw a 5 pointed star that we could cut around using a cardboard template and then reminded us how to hold the scissors and turn the paper. We counted the 5 points on the stars and then Darren showed us how to make a 6 pointed star by cutting some paper into two triangles and then turning one upside down. We then moved to the table to make our own stars for our walk of fame hand print artwork. Once we had finished cutting the gold origami paper stars we glued it onto our hand print artwork. They look great and will DSCF7435DSCF7438take them home today! Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Maki, Darren, and BillDSCF7443