I am a star

This week is “I am a star”. This morning when we came to school we looked at finger puppets. There was a princess, prince, Minnie mouse and some other characters. We chose one that we liked for ourselves so that we could be like a movie star. There was a selection of fabric, paper, pipe cleaners and other collage materials for us to use. We were going to make dress up costumes for ourselves, depending on the role or character that we wanted to be. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our teachers cut the fabric and we added decorations etc to the fabric. Hana wanted to be Minnie Mouse and the rest of us wanted to be princesses. The boys wanted to be princes and superheroes. We saw that some of the finger puppets had capes on, which reminded us of superheroes; that’s why some of us chose to be superheroes. We made headdresses in keeping with our characters.


After that we had a circle time, and we all had a chance to act out the roles that we had chosen. One of us was the actor and one was the camera person. So we pretended that we were “shooting” a movie.

You can see from the photos here that we created our own characters too. Some of us wanted to really pretend that we were in a movie, and some of us wanted to have photos taken of us, without us doing anything spectacular. We think that some movie stars don’t like the camera


flashing around them all of the time.

We did some regular things that we do at school each day e. g. we changed the calendar to Monday and we counted all the way up to 22 because today is the 22nd. We were very happy to have Shelley back at school today but she has such a sad heart. We wanted to know where she was last week and she told us that she was in Sydney. We wanted to know why she was there and she told us that her friend had died and this made her feel really sad. We saw that she had tears in her eyes. We also cry when we are sad.

We were curious about the two caterpillars that were on the flowers on the 3rd floor last week.


They have two leaves inside their container and air holes so that they can breathe. We saw that they had eaten a little bit of the leaves because they made a tiny black poo. We gave them a fresh leaf in case they are still hungry, like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

When we returned from the park, we sang “Everybody tapping, clapping, clicking, bouncing their knees etc” and we used different words to say hello, in different languages. At the very end, Shelley couldn’t think of a


word and Lanah said “bonjour”, which helped a lot. Sometimes our teachers have to think of so many things and they are always happy when we help them. We spoke about movies and which characters we would like to be. Some of us wanted to be “Elsa”, “Minnie Mouse”, “Lego movie characters”, “Snow White” and Shelley said that she wanted to be “Bambi”. Hana said that in the “Bambi” movie there is a baby Bambi and a mummy Bambi. Shelley said that she wanted to be the baby Bambi so that the mummy would look after her and make her feel better. Thanks for a fun day being “stars”.

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel