Run around the rosy!

DSCN0826It was a rainy Friday! We had a fun day and it was very peaceful inside the classroom. We only had five kids but we still had a marvelous time with one another. Yurika as always greeted her teachers with a beautiful grin and she did her morning jobs DSCN0828without any hesitation. After that, Yurika looked at the art table and she started to ask her teachers about what it was. Her teachers told her that we were about to make maracas and she volunteered to go ahead first. So, she put the beads in the bottle slowly. And then, her teachers helped her seal the lid with a DSCN0833tape. Yurika chose to use a pink tape on her maracas. In our play corner, Yuu and Taiga were busy playing with the fire engine. They also love to put “Ampaman” toys in it and off they went for a special adventure. During our circle time, we showed our friends how happy we were. We made a happy face and we all started laughing. We then saw some cards on the floor – there were happy and sad picture cards. Then, DSCN0834our teachers asked us about how we feel today. We took time in looking at the pictures and most of us chose the happy face. We also sang the “thunder song” because of the rain. It was very interesting because we were able to make different sounds like the roaring thunder and the pitter, patter raindrops. Our DSCN0840handmade musical instruments were there too. We took one instrument and started singing, “Run around the rosy”. We got so excited because every time we say “down”, we have to go down on the floor. Sofia was full of energy and she couldn’t stop laughing while singing the song. Kaia was cheerfully participating in our game too and indeed it was fun to be here at Buds class.

It was raining outside so we didn’t go to the park but we read stories about Spot and we loved hearing his great adventures at the park. Yuu and Taiga were finishing theirDSCN0842 DSCN0845fan with Sayaka and they were so drawn in making designs. Sayaka helped them to use the stamp pad for their handprint. We also had the “parachute” game. We imagined that the parachute was like our umbrella. So, we went under the parachute and just looked at it in amazement. After that, we held on to the sides of the parachute. We started shaking, shaking and shaking it all the time. Then, we put the maracas and kazoos in the center of the cloth and they went jumping up and down.DSCN0850

We sat on the parachute while doing the circle time. Here, we DSCN0853sang songs one by one. We are becoming more and more confident now. Singing and dancing are some favorite things that we like to do. We also learned how to shake hands with one another. And counting our friends was also fun.

Thank you so much Ohana for a great day! We love the things and activitiesDSCN0856 that you showed every day. Have a great weekend and see you all again on Monday.

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Nanako