Anyone for exercise?

It was a busy day at school with so many interesting things taking place in both classrooms. Upstairs we started off our day with exercises. Research says that if we do exercises in the morning before we start our lessons, we will be able to concentrate far better and learn so much more. We loved stretching, trying to touch the sky; twisting our body; running on the spot and then singing our “Heads and Shoulders” song where we have to touch different parts of our bodies and bend down. We have a new massage twister in our classroom and each took turns to go on it. In order to move around on it, you have to use your arms and make them move almost as if you are running. We showed a lot of patience while we were waiting and loved trying to move our bodies, by twisting our frame and using our arms. We also had to balance on it as it is quite small. We have new finger puppets in our class and our story today was a finger puppet “Puppet Show”. The story was called the “Ugly Pumpkin”. We each chose two puppets which we placed on our fingers and we sang our morning songs with them. We sat on chairs and this helped many of us concentrate better that we do when we are sitting on the carpet. The puppets all asked one another how they were and they replied: “I’m fine thank you”.

We did tooth brushing both up and downstairs and enjoyed doing it together with our friends and teachers. We were really good at rinsing our mouths out afterwards. Miya enjoyed brushing her teeth so much that she did it twice.

We were so excited to do a painting activity today. We had large pieces of white paper on the table and a few containers filled with paint. One had white and green paint in it; one had blue and green paint and the third one had green and yellow paint in it. We had turns to mix the paints and we noticed that we had three different shades of green paint to use today. Instead of using brushes though we were using sweet potatoes; they were cut into different shapes and we dipped them into the paint and then stamped them onto our white pieces of paper. We made leaves, flowers and stars. These are going to works in progress as Shelley always says that we don’t have to complete something in one day, we can “revisit” it another day and change it, just like a real artist. We will continue working on them on Wednesday.

We had a wonderful morning circle as we love singing and chatting. In our morning circle we sang “Everybody clapping” and Miya told us that when we do “everybody clicking”, it is much too hard for her. It is hard to make a sound with your fingers when you are little, but we know that soon the sound will come! Yay! We are great singers and our teachers are amazed how much we remember. We will sing some of our songs when our parents come on Monday for Halloween. We learnt a new song and each had a turn to point to the pumpkins on the chalkboard. The song is called “1 little, 2 little, 3 little pumpkins”.

Phew, school was so much fun today. See you tomorrow!

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh and Kanako