Sports Day

Today was our first Sports Day at Ohana International School and it was such a great success. We had plenty of fun races to participate in and our parents joined in with some of them. We were lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day by the time we went outside and this made it all even better. We want to thank our mums and dads for joining us on this special day and we look forward to many more of these informal family days at Ohana. We are sorry but some of our friends are hidden a little in this photo but it seemed to be the best one from the day. We started off with a running race from one end of the park to the other and back again and then we sat behind the line and waited to instructions for each race. The second race we did together with our parents as it was a bit tricky. We were divided into two teams and had to go in and out like a slalom course. We think that our mums and dads were better at this race than we were! Next on the list was the egg and spoon race. Marie was wondering whether we had real eggs and also whether they were cooked or not. Shelley said that it was much safer to use the plastic eggs from the food box in the dramatic play area and she also took large ladles instead of regular spoons. Our job was to run with the egg in the spoon and try not to drop it. This was a little tricky and most of us dropped the eggs along the way and then we laughed as we ran after them and placed them back onto the spoons. Some of us even kicked the eggs by mistake so it was really good that they were plastic! Our fourth race was passing a ball through our legs to the person behind us or rolling it through all of our team members’ legs. We needed our mums and dads in this race as they helped us pass the ball and guided

it through the legs of the people who were behind us. One of our teams managed to complete the race correctly which was to pass the ball to the person at the back of the line; then they run with the ball to the front and pass it down again and when we all had a turn to run to the front, we had to sit down and the race was completed. Well done everyone. Our fifth activity was more just having fun with our friends, teachers and parents. Darren inflated the large ball and we tried to keep it above the ground by hitting it into the air. It was so much fun! Then we had a soccer game with a net and a ball. We had to kick the ball into the net and score a goal; which we all did! GOAL everyone shouted when we did this. And the last race of the whole tournament was “Taking the origami paper off the string with our mouth”. There were many pieces of red and green origami attached to a piece of yarn with paper clips. We tried to keep our hands behind our backs and just use our mouths to take the paper off the yarn. Oh, oh! It was so hard not to use our hands however we all managed to pull the paper off the string with our mouths. BRAVO EVERYONE! What great team work and a big thanks to our mums and dads for joining us on this special day. It was a great first Sports Day for Ohana.

Kana and Gou san had a great start to their time at Ohana with us today and we wish them every success always. Even though we had Sports Day today, we still did some of our regular things. Downstairs we had a lovely sing-song for our morning circle and we did a cutting activity as well. This was our first cutting activity and we will paste the pieces that we cut, into our workbooks/portfolios. Upstairs we had a great time during Free Play time and Oliver made his own placemat which he can use for lunch and snack times.

We also want to welcome Marie back from her 3 day trip to the USA to see her ailing mother-in-law. Thanks Marie for helping us at Ohana in so many ways. We love having you here at our school.

Love Shelley, Darren, Kanako and Marie.