Exercise is great for our bodies

We could not believe what a beautiful day it was today. The weather was sunny; the temperature was warm and the air was crisp. We had a great time playing in the park and Eva in particular loved playing with sand and water and even though her beautiful dress became dirty, she didn’t mind. She and Oliver spent some time together digging and mixing and being with one another. Gento and Tokutaro and Nico spent a little bit of time together on the bouncing animal that is sort of like a see saw. Finn played in the sand box and then he played with a ball that we found in the park. We alternate the things that we take to the park and today we took digging and mixing things however the ball was in the park when we arrived so we could also play some ball games with our friends. We spent some time together downstairs Tokutaro, Gento and Eva stayed downstairs and played with play dough and they also sorted colourful lids of old markers. They put them into containers and then poured them out again.

Oliver completed his body parts collage which we did a while ago. He had to paste different parts of the body so that it looked like a person, even if the parts of the body didn’t match completely. Finn, Nico and Oliver drew pictures of different kinds of foods using pastels. They looked at some of the plastic food and then drew the food how they saw it. They are such good drawers! Nico drew a banana, carrot and broccoli; Oliver drew corn, eggplant and an orange and Finn drew a banana, tomato, eggplant, carrot and pizza. We are trying to remember what foods are good for our bodies and what

foods are not. We read a book called ‘Good enough to eat’ which explains in detail the food pyramid and what we should eat more of each day. Sometimes on the activity table we have coloured tape which separates the protein from the vegetables from the grains etc. In circle time we listened to a story about a boy called Tommy who ate only cakes, candy, cookies and drank soda. He became too big and felt sleepy and sad all the time. Then he decided that it would be good to do exercise and he stopped eating unhealthy food and he loved the new feeling that he had. Shelley has a song that goes like this:

“I love liqourice, lollipops are so delish; jelly beans and marshmallow treats, ice cream is my favourite dish

If I want to grow up strong, I won’t be healthy for very long

If the only things I ever eat are sugary, sticky and sweet”

We are doing exercises every day as this is good for our bodies. Our favourite way of doing exercises is through music so every day we action songs and dances where we use our bodies as much as possible. You have read before about our song “The Body Rap” and we do this almost every day as we love it so much. It is part of a CD called “Super Me” which helps us understand how amazing our bodies are. The other actions that we all did together were jogging on the spot, star jumps and stretching up high. Sometimes we have longer time to play in the park so that we can do running and chasing and really expel some of our energy.

Love Shelley, Darren, Kanako and Sabine