Happy birthday William L and Manuel's dad

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 We were a little confused this morning because we sang “Happy Birthday” to William L but he said that it was not his birthday. In fact, he said that he was still 3 years old. And then another thing that confused us was that when we were doing the calendar we asked William L to assume the responsibility of seeing what the weather was today. He told us that it was raining a little. So you can see that today started out a little upside down in our classroom. The ??????????????????????lucky thing is that everything turned out fine by the end of the day.

At one of the activity tables we made musical instruments. We used paper bowls and drew on the ??????????????????????inside and outside of them. Then we put rubber bands on the bowls and taped them firmly. We plucked the rubber bands as if we were playing a guitar. Just before we went to have lunch we held hands and sang “Let’s all hold hands in a circle” and we thought of different kinds of musical instruments. We first thought about our “Hina dolls” and the five musicians and the instruments that they were playing. They ???????????????????????????????played “fue” and “taiko”. We thought of other instruments e. g. guitar, tambourine, maracas, clickers and violin and did the actions as if we were playing them.

We played with play dough during the morning’s activities and then sat down together on the carpet with a huge container of junk art materials. Some of our friends brought boxes, ??????????????????????bottles etc from their homes today and we were so happy to receive them. We still need lots more! Vincent and William B helped Shelley and Liezel make some of the boxes up as they had been flattened. We looked at many of the containers that we have and tried to work out what they had inside them. We looked at the pictures on the boxes and we sometimes saw a picture that helped us work out what could have been inside. There was a chocolate ice cream box, a ???????????????????????????????chocolate box, cereal box, cookies and the brown plastic still smelled like chocolates.

We took turns to place the boxes or other junk art materials where we wanted to. We created the shape that is in the picture and while we were building and creating the shape, Michaela said that it looked like we were making a castle.

The boxes were varied and we placed some of them next to others and some ???????????????????????????????on top of others. We used bottles and yoghurt containers and look forward to seeing how our “castle’’ evolves or if it will even remain a castle.

We read the story “Why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears”. It is an African mythological story that tells the story of an iguana, a rabbit, a snake, monkey, crow and mosquito. The story gets all mixed up and everyone blames each other. In the end everything gets sorted out and the mosquito is the one that no one really ???????????????????????????????likes…..because it buzzes in people’s ears!

As another part of our recycling theme, we took a whole lot of toilet rolls and decided to make a marble run. We told our teachers how we should join them together and when we moved them to the wall so that we could practice how to roll a marble through the toilet rolls, the whole thing almost fell apart. We realized that we needed to use stronger tape and we will do this tomorrow, and then see if it works. Our teachers didn’t want to tell us how to join them together as they wanted us to work out what to do. This is what is called “trial and error”; you do things, make mistakes and then you learn from them.

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel