Alexis & the Pink 'Show & Tell'

DSCF4123This morning the chess set on the table was very popular. Tokutaro remembered some of the moves from playing chess before the New Year and was happy to help his friends learn the moves. Jennifer and Tokutaro sat down to play the first game but Jennifer didn’t know how to play so we started with the small pawns. Toku showed us how they can move forwards, diagonally to take but couldn’t move backwards. Together we played two games to get used to the pawns. We then added the rooks (castle) pieces to the chess board and learned how they can travel only in straight lines but can move backwards. There were some fast moves on the chessboard and both Tokutaro and Jennifer won one game each. Also on the tables were the playdough and cookie cuttersDSCF4124 as well as the felt picture boards. Jeremy and Jessica enjoyed making pictures with the felt pieces. Arata decided he wanted to dress up like a cowboy with a sparkly DSCF4126cowboy hat and a toy guitar. After packing away the toys and eating our yummy snacks we went straight to the park. We were a little worried about the chance of rain but although it was a little chilly it didn’t rain. In the park the soccer balls were again popular with Adam, Tokutaro, Lucinda, Jeremy and Arata all playing together. When we came back from the park we had our very first ‘Show and Tell’ for this semester. Alexis had brought along a beautiful book called ‘Priscilla and the Pink Planet’. We started off by guessing what Alexis had brought and had some good ideas; a game, a box of pretty things and a book. Jessica was right it was a book. It was a good book all about a queen on another planet who only liked pink. All the food, animals and even the trees were all pink. A little girl becomes bored with everything being pink and sets off to look for some other colors. She finds a butterfly and follows it until it is caught by the queen. She persuades the queen to let out the DSCF4127other colors so that she can compare the pink to the other colors and likes them too. We asked some questions at the end from Toku, Olivia, Jennifer, Jeremy and Marc. Alexis told us how she got the book a few days ago from TAC and that she chose this book because she likes pink. Well done and thank you Alexis!! We then played a game with some jobs cards on the carpet. First Tokutaro chose a card and kept it DSCF4132secret. He looked at the card and gave us all a clue to see if we could identify the job on the card. Toku told us how the person on the card helped people. Adam then guessed correctly that it was a police officer. Adam then gave everyone his clue to reveal a builder. Jennifer got the teacher card, Jeremy a nurse and Olivia a musician. We will play this game again tomorrow on the table as there were lots we didn’t have time to include today. Have a great afternoon, stay warm.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka and Sharee