The last day of February at Ohana this year

Friday, February 27th, 2015 It was a great end to the month of February at school with a sunny day, and us almost completing our activities for the month. Some of our friends are still away so we will let them do theirs next week, so that they too can have closure.

??????????????????????We made our origami “Hina dolls” and pasted them into our workbooks/portfolios. During the morning we had paint at one table, origami “Hina dolls” at another table and the third table had play dough on it. We love playing with play dough, feeling the texture of the dough and enjoying making shapes with it. In the middle of the play dough table was a big bowl, two packets of cornstarch ??????????????????????and our huge pink bottle of hair conditioner. We poured the cornstarch into a container and poured it into the large bowl. We did this two times and then we filled the same container, but this time only one time, with hair conditioner. We mixed the two together and it was so gooey and sticky. Shelley’s hands were white as she mixed the two ingredients together for another kind of ???????????????????????????????play dough.

Liezel tried to scrape the sticky play dough off her fingers so that she could knead the dough. She poured everything onto the table and kneaded it and then it came together. It has such a beautiful smell and we noticed that there were roses on the outside of the bottle. This is probably what the smell was.

We helped mix too and then we played with it. We loved the texture as it was ??????????????????????much softer than play dough. We didn’t know how to explain the texture but what we do know is that it was so beautiful to touch and squeeze and smell.

Some of us wanted to play with the pink play dough again and see the difference.

???????????????????????????????On the carpet we played together with our teachers and chatted about what we were making, why we were making them and how we could use them. Hisami was playing with the Lego cars and other forms of transport, together with us. Luka wanted to make a car with a roof on top; Manuel wanted a large car and William B wanted to make a flying car. Daiki was also playing and making ???????????????????????????????his own car quietly.

Later on in the morning, Shelley asked us all if we wanted to thread beads and all of the girls said yes. All of the boys wanted to remain playing with their cars. So if someone walked in the room, they would have seen that the boys and girls were completely separate at this time. ??????????????????????We were each “doing our own thing”. Lanah, Hana, and Michaela all made really long necklaces and Miyu wanted to keep hers and she said that she would complete it next week.

You can see that we have lots of beads all spread out on a towel which is on a tray. When the beads are on a towel, it is easier for us to pick them up. We found beads with letters on them and?????????????????????? some large beads with pictures on them. Lanah chose a flower, Hana chose a flower and Michaela chose a butterfly. Later on, Taiyo joined in and made a bracelet.

We read a story called “Mama do you love me?” and this one was set in the North Pole where it is really cold. The people are dressed really warmly, with fur inside their ??????????????????????hats and shoes. The little girl asked her mum if she would love her if she did things that she knew were wrong. Her mum said that she would always love her no matter what but sometimes she may feel angry, surprised or even sad when she did certain things. The little girl felt safe knowing that her mum would always love her, no matter what.

We organized our calendar today and realized that today is the last day of February. When we come back to school it will be March, a whole new month. We are looking forward to warmer weather and less bulky clothing when we go to the park. Next week sees us celebrating Miyu and William L’s, birthdays and some more mums coming to teach us about their countries. Have a great weekend and see you in March!

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel